May 23, 2024
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 22, Issue 21


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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics - 2024 Edition

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Simplifying LIMS Test Maintenance Admin

Grouping Tests to Minimize Test Maintenance Admin Overheads in a LIMS. In this case we talk about grouping tests within QC testing for furniture, but this same grouping methodology can be applied to any industry. Analytical testing plays a key role in ensuring the safety of consumer and other products and is therefore vital for both the manufacturers and users of those products. The need for testing is often mandated by governments or regulatory bodies, who may also define the standards that the products must meet. The testing involved may be complex with many different components or parts of the product requiring testing. [Read More]

Harnessing Cloud-Based and SaaS Innovations in LIMS Solutions

Cloud-based and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are revolutionizing laboratory management by offering flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. LabLynx LIMS is a leading provider of such solutions, empowering laboratories with comprehensive functionality, enhanced data security, and customizable options to streamline workflows and improve efficiency. [Read More]

CSols Summit 2024 Recap: The Next-gen Lab: Pioneering Tomorrow, Today

It is becoming increasingly clear to organizations of all sizes, across all industries, that their most valuable product is their data. This is even true for service organizations like CSols. To help organizations make sense of their potential paths to better laboratory data management, CSols organized the 2024 edition of the CSols Summit.  The Summit brought together industry experts to discuss how to move the lab forward with current tools and emerging technologies. Attendees gained better understandings of how artificial intelligence (AI), data, simulations, analytics, and lab informatics integrations could be optimized to improve their daily operations. [Read More]

Empowering Water Laboratories: QLIMS and WaterOutlook Integration

Water laboratories need to stay updated with the latest developments, testing requirements, and regulations. In the current era, where data precision and ecological responsibility are crucial, LIMS is becoming a transformative force that streamlines processes, supports regulatory compliance, and enhances sustainability efforts. We have an exciting announcement for you: OnQ Software’s advanced solution QLIMS has WaterOutlook integration. [Read More]

Revolutionizing Laboratory Operations with Digital Innovation and Advanced Analytics

Digital transformation and advanced analytics are revolutionizing laboratory operations, enabling enhanced efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and improved research capabilities. LabLynx LIMS is a leading solution that facilitates this transformation by offering comprehensive data management, automation of routine tasks, integration with advanced analytics tools, and ensuring regulatory compliance. [Read More]

Enhancing Benchtop Sequencers with a LIMS System

Benchtop sequencers are compact and adaptable devices that create new pathways for small labs to impact both research and clinical settings significantly. These sequencers operate at the point of need, providing rapid results, which is critical when patient care and outcomes are at stake. When supported by appropriate tools and resources, such as a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS System) like Sapio Sciences, these benchtop sequencers can deliver results more efficiently, leading to better patient outcomes and a more comprehensive reach of genomic research. [Read More]

Streamline Your Lab's Operations with Robust Sample Management and Inventory Management

Sample management and inventory management are two essential but distinct processes that labs use to stay organized. Most labs make sample management a priority, using a laboratory information management system (LIMS) or other software to simplify the process. However, monitoring and managing consumable inventory is equally important for efficient operations, especially for labs planning to increase throughput or scale up their business. Despite the importance of inventory management, many labs use a piecemeal approach that could be improved with an all-in-one solution.  [Read More]

 Journal Articles

05/21/2024 - Histopathology image classification: Highlighting the gap between manual analysis and AI automation

Histopathology diagnostics has largely been a manual process, with humans examining images of tissues and evaluating them based on knowledge passed down and experience gained. With the age of digital pathology reaching strong realization, new methods are arising, including with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this 2024 paper published in Frontiers in Oncology, Doğan and Yılmaz present their AI-based system for image analysis, which taps into both a histogram of oriented gradients (HoG) method and a customized convolutional neural network (CNN) model. After discussing their approach and results, the authors discuss the implications of their results, concluding that their approach could be "considered a good alternative as it performs as well as and better than the more complex models described in the literature." They also say that their results highlight "the indisputable advantages of AI automation and the critical importance of data normalization and interpretation" for any AI-driven effort towards histopathology image analysis, while at the same time noting that the AI's "algorithms must [still] transparently reveal decision-making processes and be understandable by clinical experts."

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06/19/2024 - Astrix Webinar – In the world of AI: Think Patient Not Technology

06/12/2024 - Astrix Webinar – Data driven content – FHIR and the future of Regulatory Submissions

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