April 28, 2020
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 18, Issue 17


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04/28/2020 - 5 laboratory informatics enablers to help working remotely

With COVID-19 forcing many companies into undergoing a rapid and often premature digital transformation this can raise challenges for the business units. In the laboratory it is almost impossible to perform all work remotely and we have seen multiple strategies such as rotating shifts to avoid infection and those who can work from home do so. One of the main enabling factors is having the right laboratory informatics, LIMS, ELN and supporting infrastructure.

04/28/2020 - Away From the Bench During COVID-19: A Conversation with Dr. Colles Price

Colles Price, M.S., PhD is a Research Fellow in Medicine at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and a Postdoctoral Scholar, Cancer Program, Broad Institute. He is currently identifying and validating targets from the Cancer Dependency Map. In particular, he is interested in understanding the anti-cancer effects of hypoxia-related genes and how polar-related genes control cell proliferation and viability. We had the chance to sit down with him and learn about how COVID-19 is affecting his research.

04/28/2020 - How Biotech Labs are Adjusting to the COVID-19 Era

As an industry that relies on having employees in the lab, biotech has been disrupted by COVID-19 and the dramatic and unexpected set of changes it has introduced. For many scientists, working remotely is a brand new concept. And yet, the scientific industry is also being called upon to develop tests, therapies, and vaccines that put this crisis to rest. To share how biotechs around the world are managing their projects, caring for their people, and supporting the community during coronavirus, we built a guide with best practices and unique ideas from our customers.
 Journal Articles

04/20/2020 - Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology for novel coronavirus disease 2019 self-testing

In this brief editorial in the journal Diagnostics, Mashamba-Thompson et al. state their case for a potentially ideal solution to COVID-19 testing in resource-poor communities: using mobile health (mHealth) solutions in conjunction with a blockchain and AI-driven data acquisition and transfer system. They add that the "AI component of this technology enables powerful data collection (patient information, geographic location of the patient, and test results), security, analysis, and curation of disparate and clinical data sets from federated blockchain platforms to derive triangulated data at very high degrees of confidence and speed. " Unfortunately, what isn't clear in their argument is how the self-testing step would actually work, let alone how the system would realistically be implemented in resource-poor settings. One could argue, however, despite the relatively few details, the sharing of ideas on how to address COVID-19 testing in various environments still has value.
 Upcoming Webinars

04/29/2020 - Understanding Q-Charts: QC Mentorship Seminar Series with Alex Lau: Taming the QC Monkey Remotely

04/29/2020 - Right First Time LIMS Implementations: The Importance of Preplanning

05/05/2020 - Webinar: Pharmacogenomics Testing: A Proposed Tool to Achieve Better COVID-19 Outcomes in Patients Who are Prescribed Medications

05/13/2020 - Signal Response & Corrective Action Reports (CAR): QC Mentorship Seminar Series with Alex Lau: Taming the QC Monkey Remotely

05/14/2020 - Webinar: The Flexible Scope of LIMS in Today’s Manufacturing Operations

 Other News

04/21/2020 - Eurofins Genomics U.S. launches new SARS-CoV-2 plasmid DNA controls and increases its capacity to produce probes and primers, all of which being key components of SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR testing

04/21/2020 - Illumina Makes Software Toolkit Available Free of Charge to Support Worldwide Efforts to Combat COVID-19

04/14/2020 - Taking on the Pandemic: Transforming a Clinical Lab Into a COVID-19 Ready Lab

04/14/2020 - Studying #COVID19 around the world using the Hidex Sense microplate reader

 Bid Opportunities

04/29/2020 - Request for Tender: HSCNI Regional Laboratory Information Management System and Associated Services

05/12/2020 - Request for Bids: Laboratory Information System (LIS) for UW Veterinary Care

05/26/2020 - Invitation for Bids: Medical Examiners Forensic Laboratory Analysis

06/12/2020 - Request for Proposals: Clinic and Long-Term Care Facility Laboratory Services

06/29/2020 - Request for Renewals and Applications: Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN) Analytical Support Services

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