May 25, 2023
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 21, Issue 21


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LIMS Selection Guide for Manufacturing Quality Control

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How to Develop an Effective Data Governance Strategy in the Pharma and Biotech Industry – Part 1

More so than with other industries, developing an effective data governance strategy is critical for Pharma and biotech companies. It’s imperative that data is accurate, complete, reusable, and secure. Without proper governance, compliance could be at risk with agency regulations and data quality, accuracy, user access, reuse, and reliability may be jeopardized, and this could impact the organization’s data-driven decisions across drug development, clinical operations, and commercial. [Read More]

Laboratory Informatics Systems Help Eliminate Data Entry Errors

While data entry is a normal part of laboratory work, how you do it matters in terms of overall operational performance. Labs may begin with manual data entry, but they will quickly discover that the cost of that process is going to be excessive in the long run. This is another example where automation using systems like an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) or a LIMS, like LabLynx’s ELab LIMS, can streamline lab operations, reduce overall operating costs, and better use people's skills and capabilities. [Read More]

How Can Laboratory Informatics Management Systems benefit from using AI & ML?

In today’s dynamic world of scientific research and laboratory processes, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As technology continues to advance, so does the need for efficient & effective management of laboratory operations. Today, most laboratories have shifted from using traditional paper-based systems to lab informatics solutions to manage day to day lab processes while maintaining data integrity & compliances with a multitude of regulatory requirements. [Read More]

The Benefits of APIs in LIMS Applications

Untitled design (1)The real power of LIMS can be unlocked when it is integrated with other software systems used by laboratories. This is where APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) come in – they allow LIMS applications to communicate with other software systems and devices, enabling a seamless flow of data and workflows across the laboratory ecosystem. [Read More]

Why is Digital Environmental Monitoring Important for Pharma Labs

Pharma products are produced under strictly controlled conditions. Processing areas must be free from contamination. Microbial data collection and analysis play a critical role in ensuring the quality of such conditions. This data comes from samples of surfaces, air, water, and personnel in a clean space. Environmental monitoring (EM) is a process that helps monitor sterile and non-sterile drug products. EM provides data on the quality of the environment during batch manufacturing. [Read More]

What Is LIMS? Everything You Need to Know

A Laboratory Information Management System, otherwise known as LIMS, is a comprehensive, software-based solution to maximize a laboratory’s efficiencies through centralized workflow. From specimen preparation to final report release, a LIMS is designed to simplify a lab’s day-to-day operations while reducing the risk of mistakes through paperless operations. [Read More]

L7’s Vasu Rangadass Is Creating Unified Systems in Healthcare

At L7 Informatics, Vasu Rangadass aims to reduce drug manufacturing costs, streamline operations, and, above all, help patients and providers alike. [Read More]

Higher Education’s Hands-On Study of Metals and Mining

The aging workforce, looming retirement of baby boomers, and lack of new talent entering the industry will have a huge impact on the global mining workforce. Despite the limited number of programs, there are some amazing opportunities across the country for students to learn about the mineral and mining industry and work in state-of-the-art underground mining laboratories. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

05/24/2023 - Academic-industry partnership advancing cannabis science: The Complementary Care Practice-Based Research Network

In this 2022 paper published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Ennis et al. discuss the development of a practice-based research network in order to improve the state of understanding of Cannabis science in the state of Florida, as well as promote future clinical research related to the plant. The authors developed this research network after noting a dearth of such medical marijuana-focused research networks in the state. After providing an introduction, they walk through the steps that led to their Complementary Care Practice-Based Research Network (CC-PBRN), including the methods used in producing usable, de-identified data for research. The authors then summarize the results and address three major challenges in negotiating the "differing foci of academic and business organizations" in developing the network. After noting the strengths and limitations of their network, they conclude that "[t]he data generated by the CC-PBRN can be used to inform and guide patient-centered care, clinical decision-making, and health policy decisions" for medical marijuana patients in Florida.

 Upcoming Webinars

06/21/2023 - Webinar: Top 5 Underused STARLIMS Modules

06/15/2023 - Astrix Webinar – Navigating the Impact of New EU Regulations (EU-CTR)

06/07/2023 - Astrix Staffing Webinar: What should you be testing for in the hiring process - Understanding current trends in drug testing laws & legislation

05/31/2023 - Astrix Webinar – Data Management’s Role in the Digital Modernization of Clinical Trials

05/31/2023 - Webinar: Low-Risk LIMS Solutions for Your Laboratory (Asia-Pacific Edition)

 Upcoming Trade Events

07/27/2023 - Clinical Lab Expo 2023

05/27/2023 - INTERPHEX 2023

05/25/2023 - APHL 2023

 LIMS Bid Opportunities

12/31/2023 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for Laboratory eTools Repository

06/28/2023 - Request for Tender (Pre-notice): Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

06/14/2023 - Request for Proposals: Newborn Screening Laboratory Information Management System

06/13/2023 - Request for Proposal: Toxicology Laboratory Information Management System

06/05/2023 - Request for Information: Crime Lab Records Portal

06/01/2023 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System Replacement

05/31/2023 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Management System for University of Wisconsin-Madison

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