April 18, 2018
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 16, Issue 16


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 Upcoming Webinars

04/24/2018 - Astrix Webinar – Evaluating Legacy LIMS Part 1: Re-Engineering Your Legacy System

04/26/2018 - Webinar: A Guide for Laboratory Systems Management, Part 5: Supporting Laboratory Systems


Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next LIMS

Choosing a new LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or upgrading an existing one can be quite a challenge. A recent webinar from Autoscribe Informatics entitled ‘Key Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Next LIMS’ can now be viewed.

CloudLIMS Version 1.71 Released!

CloudLIMS, an advanced SaaS LIMS, accelerates biobanking, clinical research, and testing laboratory operations by efficiently managing laboratory data on a centralized cloud platform. The new features and enhancements, included in CloudLIMS version 1.71, help clinical and testing laboratories reduce turnaround times, improve client services, and further advance laboratory data management.

A Core Lab Means Business: Best Practices for the Bottom Line

There are over 700 core labs and facilities in the U.S. and they are the backbones of the R&D world. A core lab is typically part of an academic organization, serving institutional researchers working in individual laboratories as well as providing services for external customers. Core labs frequently are subject matter experts when it comes to equipment and techniques. As a result, the impact of core labs extends beyond their immediate institutions; so do the business challenges they face.
 Featured Books

An Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

Software Development for Medical Devices - a brief introduction

 Journal Articles

An open experimental database for exploring inorganic materials

When it comes to experimental materials science, there simply aren't enough "large and diverse datasets" made publicly available say National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Zakutayev et al. Noting this lack, the researchers built their own High Throughput Experimental Materials (HTEM) database containing 140,000 sample entries and underpinned by a custom laboratory information management system (LIMS). In this 2018 paper, the researchers discuss HTEM, the LIMS, and the how the contained sample data was derived and analyzed. They conclude that HTEM and other databases like them are "expected to play a role in emerging materials virtual laboratories or 'collaboratories' and empower the reuse of the high-throughput experimental materials data by researchers that did not generate it."
 Featured Discussions

04/11/2018 - Med Device Exports and In-Country Agent Responsibility?

04/11/2018 - Know The Rules❗

04/10/2018 - 87% of people have no idea what #IoT means or what it stands for.

04/10/2018 - Docs management according to clause to which extent ?

04/09/2018 - EHR Usability Problems Linked To Potential Patient Harm


04/18/2018 - Astrix at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2018

04/18/2018 - Biobanking.com names SLIMS one of the top 10 LIMS

04/18/2018 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Bioprocessing Workflow Solutions at INTERPHEX

 Upcoming Trade Events

05/15/2018 - Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2018

05/15/2018 - UK e-Health Week 2018

05/21/2018 - Pathology Informatics Summit 2018

05/27/2018 - HIMSS Europe 2018

06/02/2018 - APHL 2018 Annual Meeting & Government Environmental Laboratory Conference

 Bid Opportunities



The Santa Clara Valley Water District (District) is soliciting Proposals from LIMS vendors that have the professional expertise and experience to provide Water Quality Lab (WQL) at the DISTRICT District with the replacement of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

05/04/2018 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System

05/25/2018 - Request for Proposal: Procurement of Laboratory Information Management System

07/26/2018 - Contract Notice: NHS Lanarkshire Laboratory Management System

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