December 19, 2005      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 3, Issue 50


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2006 LIMS Buyers Guide & Market Survey

The 2006 LIMS Buyers Guide & Survey is the most comprehensive and detailed information resource for both LIMS consumers and vendors alike.
 LIMS Blog Postings

12/17/2005 - How much did you pay for that LIMS Award?

I was looking at the web site of a scientific computing magazine this evening and it caused me to write this blog entry. In looking at the list of Products of the Year for 2005, over 90% were those that advertised in the magazine. Go Figure....

LIMS in a Refinery

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is positioned in an impeccable location in the maze of automation and computational systems in a refinery setup.

Evaluating forensic DNA evidence: Essential elements of a competent defense review

Promoters of forensic DNA testing have done a good job selling the public, and even many criminal defense lawyers, on the idea that DNA tests provide a unique and infallible identification.

GLP Regulations on Computerized Systems

All through in recent years there has been an anemones increase in the use of computerized systems by test facilities undertaking health and environmental safety testing. These computerized systems are involved either in direct or indirect way in different functionality of analytical laboratory such as capture of data, processing, reporting and storage of data, and increasingly as an integral part of automated equipment.
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 Recent News

12/16/2005 - Bika Lab Systems partner EFENP Automation P Ltd, India

12/16/2005 - Basic Overview of Forensic DNA and STR Data

12/15/2005 - Agilent Technologies upgrades Cerity CDS for pharmaceutical QA/QC

12/14/2005 - Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Solutions Highlight Thermo’s Informatics Exhibit at Pittcon 2006

12/14/2005 - WinLIMS for the Food and Drink Industry

12/14/2005 - Furmanite Announces Industry’s First Web-Based LDAR Compliance Management Solution

12/14/2005 - Elsevier MDL Introduces MDL(R) Notebook

 Job Postings

12/19/2005 - SAP Validation Manager

12/07/2005 - Senior Software Engineer - Lab Automation

11/28/2005 - Labware Consultant

 Bid / RFP / RFI Oppotunities

12/19/2005 - Request for Proposals - Laboratory Services

12/19/2005 - Invitation for Bid - Laboratory Analytical Services

12/19/2005 - Invitation to Bid - Water Quality Testing

12/08/2005 - Request for Proposal - University of Texas - Laboratory Information System (LIS)

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