August 12, 2008      
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 Volume 6, Issue 33


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Stop Asking for Referrals

Posted from the In order to acquire a viable LIMS you will either have to build or buy one (see here for discussion on build versus buy costs). If you choose the 'buy' route you will be confronted with bewildering choices, a variety of costs, and a smattering of options. You will also, invariably, run across LIMS pundits who offer this advice -- seek references before buying a LIMS. It is so popular and so often repeated that we take for granted that it must be true. But this advice on its face is a bunch of nonsensical bunk. If you would like to know why, please read further.

The Cost of Development

Some systems are purpose built. It is the nature of the software systems to deliver functionality that meets business needs in an efficient manner. Unfortunately developing functionality that solely meets the current business needs isn't enough for a viable enterprise-level system. This may seem confusing to you, so let us delve further into the subject.

Server and Desktop virtualization is a key technology for Enterprise LIMS Deployment

VMware provides some key technologies that allow organizations to virtualize both server and desktop resources. Virtualization is a technology that can be used to level the playing field between web browser based applications and traditional Windows applications. Listen to the podcasts provided to learn more about virtualization.
 Upcoming Webcasts

08/08/2008 - Labtronics September Webcast Showcases New ReDI Technology

September 9th & 11th Labtronics will be presenting "Go Paperless in Minutes - Are You ReDI?", a half hour presentation introducing ReDI the newest and fastest ELN deployment technology that can convert paper documents into electronic forms in minutes.

08/05/2008 - Webcast: Connecting Your Business: LIMS & SAP

PerkinElmer invites you to attend a free webcast highlighting the relationship between LIMS & SAP.

08/05/2008 - Webcast: Planning your LIMS Data Migration: What to prepare and what to require when changing systems.

PerkinElmer invites you to attend our free webcast: Planning your LIMS Data Migration: What to prepare and what to require when changing systems.

08/04/2008 - Upcoming LIMS Webcast: "LIMS in Water/Wastewater: Keeping Laboratories Ahead of the Curve to Meet Regulations"

Join PerkinElmer for this informative webcast highlighting LIMS solutions tailored for the Water / Wastewater industry. This presentation is FREE, but you must register to attend. Please go to: to learn more.

07/28/2008 - LabVantage Presents the following Webcast: Driving Decision Support with LIMS

This 45-minute recorded Webcast is hosted and moderated by Tom Wilkie, Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Computing World Magazine and sponsored by LabVantage Solutions, Inc.
 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

08/03/2008 - Sources Sought Notice: Laboratory Information System

The Federal Bureau of Prisons, U. S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, Springfield, Missouri
 Recent News

08/11/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces its 2008 North American Informatics

08/11/2008 - LabCentrix Launches Affinity™ for Affymetrix® LIMS Package

08/07/2008 - PerkinElmer Expertise and Solutions Integral to Food Safety Monitoring for the Beijing Games

08/06/2008 - Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS) - GC, MS and Data Quality Courses and Services

08/04/2008 - Autoscribe's ICMS manages your instruments and equipment more effectively

 Upcoming Events

09/22/2008 - 6th Cold Chain Distribution for Pharmaceuticals

09/17/2008 - Biobanking 2008

09/15/2008 - ELNs: Advanced Laboratory Solutions

09/15/2008 - Discovery Knowledge & Informatics Event

09/14/2008 - 36th Annual American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Workshop

08/17/2008 - 236th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

08/16/2008 - HUPO 7th Annual World Congress

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LIMS Support Analyst

Health Informatics Analyst- fulltime at Quest Diagnostics NJ or PA

Software-Bioinformatics Engineer

Sr. Systems Analyst Columbus, Ohio


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