October 03, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 39


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Open Source Beer vs. Open Source LIMS; which one do you prefer?

A year ago, some enterprising lads at the IT University of Copenhagen released a recipe of beer under the Creative Commons license. Because of the license, anybody that made money from selling the beer would need to give them credit and publish any changes to the recipe under a similar license. It was a novel idea and got some press from both the Open Source and the beer brewing communities. But just like many applications in the Open Source world, getting an Open Source beer recipe is the first (and usually easiest) step in a long, involved, sometimes unpleasant, process. And I hope that anybody making Open Source anything takes criticism really well....

Genomes as geography: using GIS technology to build interactive genome feature maps

Many commonly used genome browsers display sequence annotations and related attributes as horizontal data tracks that can be toggled on and off according to user preferences. Most genome browsers use only simple keyword searches and limit the display of detailed annotations to one chromosomal region of the genome at a time. We have employed concepts, methodologies, and tools that were developed for the display of geographic data to develop a Genome Spatial Information System (GenoSIS) for displaying genomes spatially, and interacting with genome annotations and related attribute data.

More on Mashups - An Easy, Free Way to Create Custom Web Apps

What if you could combine online data from multiple sources to create a customized, interactive Web application that could keep your supporters in the know without requiring them to visit more than one site? And what if you could do so using free, readily available tools, eliminating the need to build an expensive custom solution from the ground up? That's the idea behind hybrid online applications known as mashups.

Virtualization in LIMS

There is no denying that virtualization is a hot trend in IT. Intel and AMD are baking virtualization into the next generation of chips and VMWare and Microsoft are giving away their software virtualization products for Intel-based servers. Could this trend apply to the LIMS industry, too?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) -- User Requirements: No Surprises is Key to Success

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are by nature complex to design and build. They can be successfully applied across almost every facet of lab work, or once built, unfortunately, turn out to be essentially worthless.
 Recent News

10/02/2006 - Numerical Mathematics Consortium Updates Open Standard for Algorithm Development

10/02/2006 - New Oracle Partnership Drives Continued Development of EKM Corp.'s Knowledge Management Products

09/30/2006 - Cerno Bioscience Paper Demonstrates Automated and Parameter-Free Peak Integration for LC/MS/MS Quantitation

09/27/2006 - Great Place to Work Institute advisors from all over the world visit Chemtech

09/27/2006 - The MathWorks Announces Major Upgrades of Control Design Software

09/27/2006 - The National Cancer Institute Installs Site Licenses for Ariadne Pathway Studio and PathwayExpert

09/27/2006 - UGS to Make Award Winning Knowledge Management Software, Developed With Procter & Gamble Research Labs, Available Broadly

09/26/2006 - Severn Trent Laboratories to Be Acquired by H.I.G. Capital Affiliate

09/25/2006 - Agilent Technologies announces LC/MS system sweepstakes winner

 Upcoming Events

10/25/2006 - Laboratory Automation

10/24/2006 - Clinial Trial Supply USA 2006

10/23/2006 - CHI's Discovery On Target 2006

10/23/2006 - Clinical Data Management Conference

10/23/2006 - Clinical Trials in Canada

10/22/2006 - Quantitative PCR, Microarrays, and Biological Validation

10/21/2006 - 2006 18th International Activated Carbon Conference and Courses

10/21/2006 - WEFTEC 2006

10/19/2006 - Stability Testing for the FDA Regulated Industry

10/19/2006 - Strategies and Techniques for Dissolution Testing

10/18/2006 - Total Market Forecasting in Pharmaceuticals

10/18/2006 - 2nd annual Advances in Metabolic Profiling Conference

10/17/2006 - 102nd Meeting - Gulf Coast Conference

10/14/2006 - Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS) - 18th International Activated Carbon Conference & Courses

10/13/2006 - AACC Announces: Clinical Proteomics: Opportunities for Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, and the Clinical Laboratory

 Job Postings

09/27/2006 - Lims Project Coordinator/Jr Project Manager - Intvws this Friday!

09/22/2006 - Informatics Program Manager

09/22/2006 - Informatics Program Manager

09/22/2006 - Watson LIMS Validation Consultant - NY

09/22/2006 - Validation Consultant - Florida


09/18/2006 - LIMS Support in Gainesville, FL


09/14/2006 - Contract LIMS Project Manager/ Developer


 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

10/03/2006 - Invitation for Bid - Laboratory Analysis of Water Samples

10/03/2006 - Contract Advertisement - Water Testing

09/25/2006 - Inivitation to Bid - Laboratory, Veterinary Equine Drug Testing

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