September 29, 2020
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 18, Issue 39


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COVID-19 Testing, Reporting, and Information Management in the Laboratory

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09/29/2020 - Interesting Things You Didn’t Know a LIMS Could Do

It’s common knowledge that a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) can manage samples and produce associated analyses and reports. But have you ever looked beyond the basics to learn about the unique, additional features and capabilities a LIMS can offer?

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09/29/2020 - SARS-CoV-2 and the Human Body: New Evidence of How Our Immune System Fights Back

Coronaviruses are a group of enveloped, positive-sense strand RNA viruses that are characterized by their “corona,” or crown, of spike-like structures. Some coronaviruses, like 229E and HKU1, are common among humans and can cause mild upper respiratory illness. The latest emerging human coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is not to be mistaken with its common cold cousins. It is capable of causing severe illness, damaging a wide range of bodily systems, and its wake has left the world in disarray. 

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09/29/2020 - Point of Care Testing (PoCT) in the Coronavirus Pandemic – And Beyond

oint of Care Testing (PoCT) in the Coronavirus Pandemic – And Beyond

With the arrival of more lateral flow tests with FDA EUA (Food and Drug Administration Emergency Use Authorization) approval that can be performed outside of a lab becoming more available, any business, educational institution or other organization can look into implementing their own coronavirus testing program. And they are – especially schools, colleges, and universities. With a critical...

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09/29/2020 - Sunquest Information Systems Interview: Lab information - a Key Ingredient in Population Health

A new article in Medical Laboratory Observer highlights the critical role labs play in  furthering population health and value-based care. With interviews from Geisinger Health System, NorthShore University Health System, and Sunquest Information Systems,  the piece positions the lab as an integral part of today’s care team and a strategic asset to the modern health system. [Learn More]

09/29/2020 - New Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Workstream Offers Comprehensive Solution for Toxicology

The new Thermo Scientific Tox Explorer Collection offers a comprehensive LC-MS workstream for toxicology assays. The Tox Explorer Collection consists of proven and tested methods enabling toxicology laboratories to achieve accurate, high-resolution data, regardless of analyte type, matrix complexities or user expertise.

09/29/2020 - Start Your Journey Toward the Digital Lab: Free Webinar Download

Free Webinar on the Exemplar Seamless Lab, the only integrated LIMS, ELN and SDMS Kevin Cramer, Chief Scientist of Sapio Sciences, introduces the new Exemplar Seamless series of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN), an integral part of Sapio’s realization of the Digital Lab.  John Conway, Chief Visioneer Officer of 20/15 Visioneers, will start the webinar with an overview of the Digital Lab and its benefits. [Read More]

09/29/2020 - On Demand Webinar – Embracing the New R&D Paradigm with Structured Data and Insights

On Demand Webinar from Astrix Technology Group and Benchling

Life sciences R&D is evolving rapidly. We’ve experienced a surge in new research and therapeutic modalities. Innovative life science companies are aligning around scientific platforms and forming specialized teams with dedicated areas of expertise. [Read More]
 Journal Articles

09/16/2020 - Persistent identification of instruments

In this 2020 paper published in Data Science Journal, Stocker et al. present their initial attempts at generating a schema for persistently identifying scientific measuring instruments, much in the same way journal articles and data sets can be persistently identified using digital object identifiers (DOIs). They argue that "a persistent identifier for instruments would enable research data to be persistently associated with" vital metadata associated with instruments used to produce research data, "helping to set data into context." As such, they demonstrate the development and implementation of a schema to address the managements of instruments and the data they produce. After discussing their methodology, results, those results' interpretation, and adopted uses of the schema, the authors conclude by declaring the "practical viability" of the schema "for citation, cross-linking, and retrieval purposes," and promoting the schema's future development and adoption as a necessary task,

Laboratory Technology Management & Planning

This document is based on a presentation delivered by chemist and automation consultant Joe Liscouski at the 2nd Annual Lab Asset & Facility Management in Pharma 2019 conference held in San Diego, CA, on October 22nd, 2019. It is not a verbatim transcript, but an expansion of the material presented. The presentation addressed the importance of effective technology management and planning within scientific work. With improved technology management and planning, "[t]hat work should yield better organized systems, reduced costs, better workflows, and improved ROI. How do you go about it? That is what we’ll start to address in this material."
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10/01/2020 - Lab Testing in the 21st Century

10/15/2020 - Webinar: Make Your Laboratory the Focus of Your Business

 Featured Discussions

09/21/2020 - Staffing a new LIMS system effectively

09/14/2020 - Instrument Integration with LIMS

09/03/2020 - Covid-19: Professor Didier Raoult targeted by a complaint to the Order of Physicians

 Other News

09/29/2020 - MathWorks Introduces Release 2020b of MATLAB and Simulink

09/29/2020 - TCA/GENETWORx Laboratories Announces New Saliva Test for Detection of COVID-19 Virus with Results Delivered in 48 Hours

09/29/2020 - CompuGroup Medical (CGM) helps Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory launch successful COVID-19 testing program

09/29/2020 - Genosity Announces Strategic Software Collaboration with PGDx to Support Distribution of PGDx elio™ Tissue Complete to Laboratories

 Bid Opportunities

10/06/2020 - Request for Proposal: Forensic Laboratory Information Management System

10/15/2020 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the National Veterinary Laboratory

10/23/2020 - Request for Proposal: Seed Laboratory Management Software System

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