August 21, 2019
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 17, Issue 34


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 Upcoming Webinars

08/28/2019 - Webinar: STARLIMS ELN: Taking your lab to the next level

09/10/2019 - Webinar: What's new in laboratory informatics

09/12/2019 - Astrix Webinar – Digital Data Strategy for the Lab

10/01/2019 - Webinar: Ensuring Your Biorepository Follows ISBER Best Practices

10/02/2019 - Webinar: Ensuring Your Biorepository Follows ISBER Best Practices

 Featured Books

CannaQA LiMS Catalog

Laboratory Information Management for Cannabis Quality Assurance

 Journal Articles

Development of standard operating protocols for the optimization of Cannabis-based formulations for medical purposes

In this 2019 paper by Baratta et al., published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, the authors examine a variety of different procedures for preparing decoctions and oil-based extracts using the Cannabis plant. Using the different formulations as a base, they wanted to determine the efficacy of the various "standard operating procedures for the preparation and optimization of Cannabis-based galenic formulations." After discussing the materials and methods, and reviewing the results, the authors discussed the ramifications of their research, in particular in contrast to what the Italian government recommends procedure-wise. They concluded that their "β-4" method of oil preparation yielded "significantly higher [recovered THC and CBD] compared to those with water-based extraction (decoctions) or other current oil-based extraction techniques."
 Featured Discussions


08/02/2019 - Does your calibration management software allow you to define your own measurement uncertainty formula?

08/01/2019 - Technical Highlights Software testing



Best Practices for Integrating Laboratory Instruments with Empower

Ask the Consultant: Computer System Validation Advice

Seeing Matrix Gemini Configuration Tools in Action

Conforming to TGO 93 Standards with QLIMS


08/21/2019 - Enhanced Capabilities for Matrix Gemini Biobank Management

08/14/2019 - Funded By FDA, C-Path And NORD To Launch Rare Disease Data Analytics Platform

 Upcoming Trade Events

08/23/2019 - Context Sensitive Health Informatics (CSHI) 2019

09/04/2019 - Cannabis Science Conference

09/06/2019 - Southern Hemp Expo

09/08/2019 - Computing in Cardiology 2019

09/14/2019 - New Jersey Cannabis Convention

09/15/2019 - International Cannabis Business Conference - Vancouver

09/19/2019 - India Lab Expo

09/23/2019 - CannMed 2019

10/30/2019 - Lab Innovations 2019

11/07/2019 - NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress 2019

 Bid Opportunities

08/23/2019 - Request for Proposal: Ohio Department of Health Laboratory Information Management System

08/26/2019 - Sources Sought: LIMS software programming and management services

08/30/2019 - Request for Proposals: Forensic Laboratory Case Management System (Manual Bids Only)

08/30/2019 - Request for Quotes: Laboratory Information Management (LIM) Software

09/03/2019 - Solicitation of Interest: Forensic Evidence Tracking Software, Ancillary Equipment and Services

09/06/2019 - Request for Information: Maintenance and Support Service for OMH Clinical Laboratory Information Systems

09/11/2019 - Request for Proposal: Laboratory Information Management System for Illinois Department of Public Health

09/12/2019 - Invitation to Bid: Maintenance, Calibration, and Certification of Lab Equipment at the Metropolitan Sewer District/City of Cincinnati

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