May 18, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 20


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05/17/2022 - Barcodes in the Lab: How to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Errors

Barcoding is extremely useful in a lab environment. It lets you quickly and automatically identify and track items like samples, plates, and reagents. But implementing a lab barcode system is not as simple as charging up a scanner and getting to work. [Read More]

05/17/2022 - QLIMS as a Platform (3) – Bridge Integration Engine

modestas-urbonas-vj_9l20fzj0-unsplashHave you wanted a cost effective, secure, and flexible way to integrate laboratory instruments and other systems? The QLIMS Bridge is exactly that and for GMP certified laboratories it provides a streamlined way for validation.  [Read More]

05/17/2022 - Connecticut Cardiology Center using Advanced Data Systems’ Medics EHR Implements Cranberry Peak’s ezCDS CDSM

Paramus, NJ - Connecticut Cardiology Center (CCC), an Advanced Data Systems Corp. (ADS) client since 2008, will implement Cranberry Peak Corp. developed ezCDS clinical decision support service for advanced imaging appropriateness consultation directly through the ADS Medics EHR. [Read More]

05/17/2022 - Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Clinical Research Business Honored in CRO Leadership Awards

The PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific has been recognized for excellence in the 2022 CRO Leadership Awards. This is the 11th consecutive year the business has been honored through this award program, which is based on a survey of pharmaceutical and biotech professionals conducted for Clinical Leader and Life Science Leader magazines. [Read More]

05/17/2022 - National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Updates – May 2022

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is our nation’s medical research agency. Its mission focuses on scientific discoveries that improve health and save lives. Founded in 1870, the NIH conducts its own scientific research through its Intramural Research Program (IRP), which supports approximately 1,200 principal investigators and more than 4,000 postdoctoral fellows conducting basic, translational and clinical research. In this blog, we will highlight recent innovative NIH research. [Read More]

05/13/2022 - Covid-19 Test Laboratory Biograd Diagnostics Chooses Matrix Gemini LIMS

Autoscribe Informatics has announced that Covid-19 Test Laboratory, BioGrad Diagnostics, has adopted Matrix Gemini as its Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). BioGrad manages client and sample data within the LIMS, driving automation and efficiency. [Read More]

05/11/2022 - LabLynx launches new LIMS for small and startup cannabis testing laboratories

As part of its CannaQA solution suite, LabLynx launches its newest LIMS solution - CannaQA Standard Edition – made for startup and growing cannabis testing labs. [Read More]

Journal Articles

05/17/2022 - Health informatics: Engaging modern healthcare units: A brief overview

In the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world, the application of health informatics technologies continues to mature. However, in emerging economies such as India, China, and Bangladesh, the concept of health informatics and its application is still relatively new. In this 2022 paper published in Frontiers in Public Health, Yogesh and Karthikeyan discuss health informatics from the perspective of such emerging markets, the challenges those markets face, and the policies and standards required to ensure positive public health outcomes. The duo first introduce the topic health informatics and the breadth of technologies affecting it, including machine learning and deep learning. They also provide a few examples of related work on the topic before getting into how the Health Level 7 FHIR architecture plays an important role in health informatics. The authors then provide further perspectives on the current state of the art and future trends in health informatics, including from the perspective of India's medical system. They close by discussing a number of challenges India and other countries face in adopting health informatics tools, concluding that despite its promise, health informatics implementations are rarely straightforward. "There are no proven design blueprints for such a comprehensive infrastructure, and the goal is always shifting due to the nature of real-time patient, medical, and equipment data collection from a variety of sources," they add.

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6 days ago - LIMS Systems Analyst

insitro - San Francisco, CA 94080

The OpportunityAt insitro, we are shaping the future of drug discovery by combining human biology and machine learning to discover new therapeutics. At the heart...

6 days ago - LIMS Software Engineer

insitro - San Francisco, CA 94080

The OpportunityAt insitro, we are shaping the future of drug discovery by combining human biology and machine learning to discover new therapeutics. At the heart...

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06/07/2022 - Request for Quotation: Monthly, Seasonal and On-call Environmental Sampling and Analytical Services

06/02/2022 - Request for Proposal: Environmental Laboratory Services

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