May 9, 2018
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 16, Issue 19


In This Issue

 Upcoming Webinars

05/15/2018 - Webinar: Roundtable on Open Source and Open Standards in Imaging Informatics

05/23/2018 - Webinar: Lab Informatics Project Leadership: Doing the right things

05/24/2018 - Webinar: A Guide for Laboratory Systems Management, Part 6: Instrument Data Systems

 Journal Articles

Unmet needs for analyzing biological big data: A survey of 704 NSF principal investigators

In this brief education article published in PLOS Computational Biology, Barone et al. present the results of a survey of funded National Science Foundation (NSF) Biological Sciences Directorate principal investigators and how/if their computational needs were being met. Citing several other past surveys and reports, the authors describe the state of cyberinfrastructure needs as they understood them before their survey. Then they present their results. "Training on integration of multiple data types (89%), on data management and metadata (78%), and on scaling analysis to cloud/HPC (71%) were the three greatest unmet needs," they conclude, also noting that while hardware isn't a bottleneck, a "growing gap between the accumulation of big data and researchers’ knowledge about how to use it effectively" is concerning.
 Featured Books

LIMSjournal - Spring 2018: Volume 4, Issue 1


Taking a look at the massive open online course (MOOC): My experience with edX

On several occasions over the past few years, I’ve put my prior experience as an English teacher and tutor to work, developing basic online course content for clients using learning management tools such as Moodle and LearnDash. This teaching and online course development experience, paired with two years of taking online courses through a community college, has helped shape my opinions concerning online learning. But what of these massive open online courses (MOOCs) that have been gaining in popularity? How do they compare to taking a formal online course through a university of community college? What platforms do they use, and how is the material presented? I decided to give edX a try for my first MOOC experience.
 Featured Discussions

05/04/2018 - Does an HIE need to enter into a BAA with it's healthcare provider clients?

05/02/2018 - Seizure of personal records - a HIPAA violation?

05/02/2018 - Has anyone in the group developed apps for Illumina Base Space platform?

05/01/2018 - How much clinical evidence do you need to launch?

05/01/2018 - Why #CISO is the hardest tech role to fill?


05/09/2018 - Introducing ELN Templates to STARLIMS Content Library

05/09/2018 - Agilent Technologies to Enhance Lab Informatics with Acquisition of Genohm

05/09/2018 - Agilent Completes Acquisition of Lasergen, Inc.

 Upcoming Trade Events

05/15/2018 - Bio-IT World Conference and Expo 2018

05/15/2018 - UK e-Health Week 2018


Astrix Technology Group is chairing a workshop at BioIT World 2018 in Boston.  The topic of this workshop is Lab Informatics – An Insider’s Guide to Project Success.  For information on how to register for BioIT world – Click Here.

05/20/2018 - ASCLD Symposium 2018

05/21/2018 - Pathology Informatics Summit 2018

05/27/2018 - HIMSS Europe 2018

06/02/2018 - APHL 2018 Annual Meeting & Government Environmental Laboratory Conference

07/29/2018 - Clinical Lab Expo 2018

10/31/2018 - Lab Innovations 2018

11/13/2018 - LIMS-Forum 2018

 Bid Opportunities


The Santa Clara Valley Water District (District) is soliciting Proposals from LIMS vendors that have the professional expertise and experience to provide Water Quality Lab (WQL) at the DISTRICT District with the replacement of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

05/14/2018 - Request for Quotation: Large Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

05/18/2018 - Request for Information - Laboratory Information Management System

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is issuing a Request for Information for the solicitation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) services to solicit relevant information and marketplace input regarding procurement of an LIMS for the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory (MA SPHL), Department of Public Health Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences (BIDLS).

05/18/2018 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

05/25/2018 - Request for Proposal: Procurement of Laboratory Information Management System

07/26/2018 - Contract Notice: NHS Lanarkshire Laboratory Management System

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