October 10, 2006      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 4, Issue 40


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The Ion Channel Inverse Problem: Neuroinformatics Meets Biophysics

Ion channels are the building blocks of the information processing capability of neurons: any realistic computational model of a neuron must include reliable and effective ion channel components.

Laboratory Information Management Software for genotyping workflows: applications in high throughput crop genotyping.

With the advances in DNA sequencer-based technologies, it has become possible to automate several steps of the genotyping process leading to increased throughput. To efficiently handle the large amounts of genotypic data generated and help with quality control, there is a strong need for a software system that can help with the tracking of samples and capture and management of data at different steps of the process.

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) -- User Requirements: No Surprises is Key to Success

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are by nature complex to design and build. They can be successfully applied across almost every facet of lab work, or once built, unfortunately, turn out to be essentially worthless.

The Tragedy of Bugglet

An ode to all of those that must suffer the slings and arrows of the not so perfect world of LIMS. It does not matter whether your software is large or small, old or young, it is guaranteed to have the ubiquitous Bugglet.

A possible answer to improving software quality

I think some of you will be able to relate to this. If you have one of these in your house you will understand how quality would improve significantly if they were in charge of software quality.
 Recent News

10/09/2006 - DeltaSoft’s ChemCart to Support ChemAxon’s JChem Chemistry Cartridge

10/06/2006 - Rescentris and the United States Air Force Receive Global Automation Award for Best Knowledge Management Software for Biological R&D

10/06/2006 - VelQuest ® Expands Caribbean Operations and Engages IASC Corp. to Provide a Comprehensive cGMP Informatics Solution and Services for Pharmaceutical QA/QC Lab Operations

10/04/2006 - University of Oklahoma Deploys Ariadne Pathway Studio to Create Cancer-related Pathway Collection

10/04/2006 - Cornet Technology Announces Availability of Lab Track Software

10/04/2006 - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and OpenHelix Announce Comprehensive Training Programs for VISTA: Tools for Comparative Genomics

10/04/2006 - Elsevier MDL Releases Enhanced MDL® Notebook 2.0

10/04/2006 - Japan’s NIHS Licenses Simulations Plus ClassPharmer Software for Five Years

 Upcoming Events

11/09/2006 - Genomics Momentum 2006

11/08/2006 - Seventh Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress

11/08/2006 - Biomarkers Europe

11/06/2006 - High Content Analysis Europe

11/06/2006 - 2nd Annual Nanomedicine Commercializing Drug Delivery, Diagnostics & Medical Devices

11/01/2006 - MicroRNAs Europe 2006

10/31/2006 - Advances in Microarray Technology 2006

10/31/2006 - Select Biosciences - Advances in Microarray Technology

10/30/2006 - The 3rd International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT 2006)

10/28/2006 - HUPO 5th Annual World Congress

10/25/2006 - Laboratory Automation

10/24/2006 - Clinial Trial Supply USA 2006

10/23/2006 - CHI's Discovery On Target 2006

10/23/2006 - Clinical Data Management Conference

10/23/2006 - Clinical Trials in Canada

10/22/2006 - Quantitative PCR, Microarrays, and Biological Validation

10/21/2006 - 2006 18th International Activated Carbon Conference and Courses

10/21/2006 - WEFTEC 2006

10/19/2006 - Stability Testing for the FDA Regulated Industry

10/19/2006 - Strategies and Techniques for Dissolution Testing

10/18/2006 - Total Market Forecasting in Pharmaceuticals

10/18/2006 - 2nd annual Advances in Metabolic Profiling Conference

10/17/2006 - 102nd Meeting - Gulf Coast Conference

 Job Postings

09/27/2006 - Lims Project Coordinator/Jr Project Manager - Intvws this Friday!

09/22/2006 - Informatics Program Manager

09/22/2006 - Informatics Program Manager

09/22/2006 - Watson LIMS Validation Consultant - NY

09/22/2006 - Validation Consultant - Florida


09/18/2006 - LIMS Support in Gainesville, FL


09/14/2006 - Contract LIMS Project Manager/ Developer


 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

10/09/2006 - Invitation to Bid - Laboratory Information Management Technical Support

10/09/2006 - Sources Sought Notice - Laboratory Testing and Analysis Services

10/03/2006 - Contract Advertisement - Water Testing

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