February 06, 2008      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 6, Issue 6


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Learn more about the Laboratory Informatics Institute

LIMS and ISO 17025 Primer Tutorial

Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library

LIMS for Medical Examiner

LIMS for the Water, Wastewater Laboratory

Enterprise Software for the Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Bika LIMS product demos

LIMS for Agriculture - What you do, What you need and How to get it

Challenges in Selecting, Qualifying and Validating Pharmaceutical Data Acquisition and LIMS Systems

LIMS, the laboratory ERP

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

02/06/2008 - Presolicitation Notice - Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The US Army RDECOM Acquisition Center, Natick Contracting Division (NCD) intends to procure Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the Naval Health Research Center's (NHRC) Department of Respiratory Disease Research

01/18/2008 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System

Massachusetts State Police Forensic Services Group

01/07/2008 - Request for Proposal - LIMS System, Licensing, Maintenance and Implementation Services

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District will receive Proposals in the Purchasing Division to contract with the District for: LIMS System, Licensing, Maintenance and Implementation Services.
 Recent News

02/05/2008 - Rotech Laboratories Chooses WinLIMS Ren

02/05/2008 - Tektronix Builds Serial ATA Compliance Test Solution Using NI TestStand

02/04/2008 - New Sunquest CoPathPlus 4.0 Sets New Standards for Automation, Workflow Efficiency, Regulatory Compliance, and LIS Integration

02/01/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces LIMS Installation at Fisheries and Oceans

02/01/2008 - STARLIMS Selected for $1.1 Million LIMS and

02/01/2008 - Blaze Systems announces a new release of BlazeDataWarehouse

 Upcoming Events

03/10/2008 - IBC's 12th International Process Validation for Biologicals

03/10/2008 - 18th Annual AEHS Meeting & West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments, and Water

03/10/2008 - microRNA in Human Disease and Development

03/10/2008 - Technology Transfer for Biopharmaceuticals

03/10/2008 - The Original Conference on Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

03/10/2008 - R&D Leader's Forum

03/04/2008 - Best Practices Laboratory Management

03/01/2008 - Pittcon 2008

02/27/2008 - PHARMtech Congress 2008

02/14/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Major Laboratory Informatics Symposium in India

02/13/2008 - Statistical Analysis and Method Validation for Microbiological Laboratories

02/11/2008 - CHI’s Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies

02/11/2008 - Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

 Job Postings

Director of Informatics Product Manager



SQL*LIMS and LabWare LIMS Developer

LIMS Sales Rep - USA

Project Manager eDC (Conshohocken, PA)

Trainer - Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

Director Business Development Licensed Sales

Validation Services Manager - eDC (Clinical trials)

Clinical Project Manager (Princeton, NJ)

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