October 30, 2007      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 5, Issue 40


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 Demonstrations & Presentations

LIMS and ISO 17025 Primer Tutorial

The following on-line video provides a tutorial primer on ISO 17025 and how a LIMS can help your lab with the issues surrounding compliance with those standards and requirements.  Audio speakers are highly recommended when viewing this video.  Enjoy!

Develop your LIMS Requirements with the LIMSpec Library

The Laboratory Informatics Institute (LIMStitute) is proud to announce the release of our LIMSpec Library.  The LIMSpec Library is a collection of eBooks published by the LIMStitute that provides you with a selection of LIMS specification templates.  The LIMSpec will save you many hours in developing your LIMS requirements. To take a tour of the LIMSpec, Click Here to view a short demonstration.

 LIMS Blog Postings

LIMS for the bass ackwards lab...

I was talking to three friends last week about various issues concerning data management in the laboratory. One friend is starting a brand new lab and currently has not purchased the analytical equipment. Another friend runs an internal testing lab at a manufacturer and is going to spin that lab off as an independent testing lab and the third friend runs a family of commercial testing labs but is leaving them to pursue a completely different set of challenges that will exercise his many talents in a completely different field of work. In our discussions, we came to a common conclusion of what truly consititutes the definition of a bass ackwards lab.

eScience: What is it?

Here is a short powerpoint presentation I found recently that some of you may find interesting. The presentation is about the concept of eScience and what it is and how it is changing how science is done.

The best LIMS is the one you don't use

Change is hard for everyone, whether it is in your personal life or your work life and lets not even talk about that video game called Second Life (SL). Change is good if you are getting rid of work, pointless if you are substituting one set of work for another and bad if it adds more work to your daily life in the lab.

LIMS.tv Released - The on-line laboratory and science video channel

In today's world, folks are having to learn and absorb information at an incredible rate and we all need tools that make dealing with information and knowledge, simply more efficient.  You know the saying...  A picture is worth a thousand words...  Well, a video is worth a thousand pictures.  Laboratory staff must not only do their daily work but keep up with new technology and regulations and still leave time for a personal life.  Videos are the answer to improving learning efficiency and general communications so that you can be even more effective in your daily lab work, learn new technologies and still leave room for a personal life.  To that end...  The Laboratory Informatics Institute is pleased to announce the first release of www.LIMS.tv. LIMS.tv is a new website for the publication of laboratory, science and technology related videos.

LIMSforum.com - Google LIMS discussion group

LIMSfinder is pleased to announce the release of LIMSforum.com.  LIMSforum is an open access discussion group hosted at Google Groups. 

The LIMSforum.com discussion group is for discussing LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebook systems, Chromotography Data Systems,, Scientific Data Management Systems and validation and regulatory compliance for the laboratory industry.

LIMSforum.com can be accessed through the web, email or through an RSS reader.  Its your choice.  You do not have to join to read or post.  The group is open but is moderated to prevent spam or commercial use.

It is easy to join, start today:

 Recent News

10/25/2007 - Symyx Technologies Launches Content Web Service

10/24/2007 - ATL to Exhibit and Demonstrate LIMS Solutions at the AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference

10/24/2007 - ChemSW's Latest CISPro Enhancement Now Provides Functionality for End-to-End Tracking of Cylinder Gas in Inventory

10/24/2007 - Bika Interlab 1.2 GPL Release · Web-Based Open Source Proficiency Testing Software

10/23/2007 - Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS) - Courses in December

10/23/2007 - Windber Research Institute Chooses GenoLogics to Provide Integrated Scientific Data Management Solution

10/22/2007 - Nautilus LIMS version 8.1 is released

10/18/2007 - IDBS announces the release of E-WorkBook Suite 7.1

 Upcoming Events

11/13/2007 - Indiana Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

11/12/2007 - Eastern Analytical Symposium 2007

11/08/2007 - Nebraska Water Environment Association - 2007 Annual Meeting

11/07/2007 - Back to Pharmacology: Stem Cells & Primary Cells in Drug Discovery

 Job Postings

Business Analyst

Marketing Associate

Laboratory Informatics Consultant

LIMS Project Manager - San Diego

Automation Engineer (Base in Singapore)

Business Consultant--Technical Support

Paperless Laboratory Implementation/Field Acct. Engineer

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