May 31, 2006      
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 Volume 4, Issue 22


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Processing and Managing HL7 Messages

LIMS, the laboratory ERP

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Quality Assurance Process for Environmental Measurement

Chemical measurement data are often the basis for critical decisions on vital matters, including the health of individuals, environmental protection, and the production of safe, reliable, and useful products and services. As a result, the demand for measurement data is ever increasing, and therefore, measurement data must be with reliable with unequivocal evidence to prove accuracy and precision. The philosophy and procedures by which data users can obtain proof of the reliability accuracy of measurements is commonly referred to as quality assurance.

LIMS and Regulatory Compliance

There are an increasing number of regulatory and productivity demands placed on the environmental laboratory, from NELAC, HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, The Patriot Act, ELAP, CFR 21 Part 11 to name a few. This presentation will review the features in an automated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from sample login through to reporting that greatly facilitate compliance.

LIMS Cost Factors – “Avoid Overpaying”

There are several areas to consider in establishing your LIMS requirements and specifications. In times of constrained resources and budgets, you can ill afford unnecessary spending. Purchasing a LIMS is a sound decision that can potentially save your organization time and money. However, before making your purchase decision you should have an understanding of what drives LIMS costs.

Pain is Good – Just Not My Pain!

Customers cringe when I say this, but I keep pointing out that Phase One of any LIMS project is “The Phase of Pain.” Most of that pain comes in planning what to include or exclude from the project and the ensuing politics.

Life Without Paper: Practical and Technical Considerations for the Paperless Laboratory

A recent Google™ internet search on “paperless lab” yielded 13,600 hits, most of which are associated with commercial document management or electronic notebook systems. Not much has been written, though, addressing the practical and technical hurdles in implementing a paperless laboratory solution in a regulated environment. (Originally printed in the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Newsletter, May 2003)
 Industry Solution Focus - Water/Waste Water

LABLynx Water / Waste Water LIMS on-line product demonstrations

Tools Will Help Small Drinking Water Utilities Monitor Drinking Water

Key Factors for a Successful LIMS Implementation in a Water/Wastewater Facility

Small & Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems

Standard Methods for Examination of Water & Wastewater

 Recent News

05/30/2006 - New EH&E White Paper Helps Companies with Laboratories Avoid Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Deficiencies

05/30/2006 - Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex's New Automated Testing Solution Improves Food Contaminant Detection; New Software-based System Transforms Routine Food Testing into a More Precise, More Comprehensive and Less Complex Process

05/30/2006 - NI ELVIS Now Offers USB Plug-and-Play Connectivity; LabVIEW 8 Express VIs Added to Teaching Platform for Point-and-Click Instrument Configuration

05/30/2006 - Agilent Technologies Introduces Mass Spectrometry Software That Enables Biomarker Discovery

05/25/2006 - Pathology and Cytology Laboratories Inc. Selects MediSolution's Laboratory Information System to Improve Operational Efficiency

05/24/2006 - Orchid Cellmark's Forensic DNA Testing Services Aid In Florida Exoneration 23 Years After a Wrongful Conviction

05/24/2006 - iAdvantage Software Announces July 1st Release of Enhanced eStudyTM v5.0, its Single-Source, Web-based Solution for Electronic Study Management

05/24/2006 - NI Instrument Driver Network Now Offers More Than 5,000 Drivers

05/24/2006 - Honeywell Unveils Next Generation Web Monitoring System For Paper Manufacturers

 Upcoming Events

07/17/2006 - Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference 2006

06/28/2006 - Pharmacovigilance & Risk Management 2006

06/27/2006 - Euro-Biotech Forum 2006

06/20/2006 - A&WMA's 2006 Annual Conference & Exhibition

06/19/2006 - International Congress on Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine (NanoBio2006)

06/17/2006 - HPLC 2006

06/11/2006 - American Water Works Association 2006 Annual Confernece and Exhibition

06/08/2006 - Audio Seminar: Using the Internet to Improve Productivity in Laboratory Environments

06/05/2006 - Indiana University School of Informatics - Laboratory Informatics Summer School

 Job Postings

1/8/2006 - Laboratory Jobs and Careers posted on

1/8/2006 - LIMS Jobs on

05/24/2006 - LIMS Programmer/IT Technician

05/17/2006 - LIMS SCO Builder needed in Boston, MA

05/16/2006 - Clinical IS Leader - Laboratory Domain

05/16/2006 - Environmental Lab Sales Representative

05/16/2006 - LIMS Systems Analyst

 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

05/31/2006 - Presolicitation Notice - Analysis of Gasoline and Water Samples

05/31/2006 - Sources Sought Notice - Candidate Laboratories for DHS

05/16/2006 - Presolicitation Notice - laboratory services

05/15/2006 - Request for Proposal - Laboratory Information Management System

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