March 05, 2008      
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

 Volume 6, Issue 10


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 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

02/27/2008 - Solicitation Notice - Laboratory Information Management System

Naval Health Research Center

02/25/2008 - Request For Information-LIS/LIMS vendor profiles

The Association of Public Health Laboratories ( is seeking information from LIS/LIMS vendors to provide to their public health laboratory members and colleagues both domestically and abroad.

LIMS to get hot as Nano gets BIG!

Have you ever fantasized what it would look like ‘playing with wild fire’ or ‘making mountain from a mole’? If the response is overwhelmingly negative, the field of nanotechnology can give you some answers. Nanotechnology is a field of science that is garnering strength as we make new strides towards innovation and technology in preparation for the future.

How Does a Laboratory Automation Needs Assessment Benefit Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Implementation and Operation?

Many laboratories may have the expertise to translate manual processes and laboratory automation requirements into a detailed specification document for all of the system equirements, features and functions of a LIMS. However, that may not be the best utilization of their resources.

XML Reporting in SQL*LIMS

For several years my boss, Brian, has been telling me that the perfect solution for a LIMS Certificate of Analysis report would use a solid data extraction algorithm and a flexible XML output. The idea has always sounded interesting to me, except for the fact that the SQL*LIMS product doesn’t include the technology to do such a thing…until now. Today’s article describes how to customize SQL*LIMS and Oracle Reports to send data to XML, and how to convert that XML output to PDF.

Diet LIMS for Small Labs

“Small is beautiful” is a popular quote. But did you know that being small in business is double jeopardy? Of course, most of us know. Being small in the laboratory business is no different. There is always threat from the large competing labs. The larger labs constantly push their smaller rivals with velocities sufficient enough to drive them out from the realms of profitability and eventually, even beyond the threshold of existence.

Automating Laboratory Operations by Intergrating Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) with Analytical Instruments and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

The large volume of data generated by commercial and research laboratories, along with requirements mandated by regulatory agencies, have forced companies to use laboratory information management systems (LIMS) to improve efficiencies in tracking, managing samples, and precisely reporting test results.
 Recent News

03/04/2008 - ACD/Labs Introduces ACD/AutoChrom for ChemStation and ACD/AutoChrom for Empower 2 Software at PITTCON® 2008

03/04/2008 - PerkinElmer announces Inorganic Workshop Series

03/04/2008 - MODA Technology Partners and Applied Biosystems team with XOMA for deployment of SQL*LIMS Micro/EM(TM) at Berkeley, CA Manufacturing Facilities

03/04/2008 - Accelrys Releases Three New Component Collections for SciTegic Pipeline Pilot™, the Scientific Operating Platform for Discovery and Development

03/04/2008 - IMPAC Medical Systems and Aperio to Develop Integrated Solution for Anatomic Pathology

03/03/2008 - IHS Acquiring Two Environmental Information Companies

03/03/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Darwin LIMS 3.0 with Enhanced Functionality for Pharmaceutical Applications

03/03/2008 - Waters and LabLogic Announce Collaboration

03/03/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces New MALDI LTQ XL Mass Spectrometer with ImageQuest Software for Tissue Imaging

03/03/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Exhibits New Software Control for the Accela High-speed LC System Featuring Atlas CDS

03/03/2008 - Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases New Integrated LC-MS Drug Discovery Workflow for Maximizing Sample Throughput

02/29/2008 - VelQuest’s SmartLab GMP Electronic Notebook is Interfaced With LabWare LIMS at a

02/26/2008 - VelQuest ® Announces Early 2008 Awards of Three Global, Multi-site Orders Totaling Over $5 Million for their SmartLab System in Pharmaceutical Analytical and Quality Operations

 Job Postings

IT Senior Analyst, SQL*LIMS

Training and Support Specialist

Research Business Analyst

Software Engineer 2

Software Engineer

Software Engineer 2

Senior Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

LIMS Implementation Specialists

Informatics Senior Program Manager

Director of Informatics Product Manager



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 Upcoming Events

04/01/2008 - Analytica 2008

03/31/2008 - Laboratory Informatics 2008

03/26/2008 - INTERPHEX 2008

03/25/2008 - CHI's Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

03/11/2008 - Smagua 2008 - International Water Exhibition / Environmental Exhibition

03/10/2008 - IBC's 12th International Process Validation for Biologicals

03/10/2008 - 18th Annual AEHS Meeting & West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments, and Water

03/10/2008 - microRNA in Human Disease and Development

03/10/2008 - Technology Transfer for Biopharmaceuticals

03/10/2008 - The Original Conference on Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)

03/10/2008 - R&D Leader's Forum

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