February 27, 2019
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 17, Issue 9


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 Upcoming Webinars

03/05/2019 - Webinar: 2019 Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks: What You Need to Know

03/13/2019 - Linking a Dashboard, LIMS, ELN and Project Management

03/20/2019 - Webinar: A Trilogy on Using Machine Learning to Impute Laboratory Test Results

 Journal Articles

A view of programming scalable data analysis: From clouds to exascale

From bioinformatics applications to social media research, the volume and velocity of data to manage continues to grow. Analysis of this massive faucet of data requires new ways of thinking, including new software, hardware, and programming tools. In this 2019 paper published in Journal of Cloud Computing, Domenico Talia of the University of Calabria in Italy presents a detailed look at exascale computing systems as a way to manage and analyze this river of data, including the use of cloud computing platforms and exascale programming systems. After a thorough discussion, the author concludes that while "[c]loud-based solutions for big data analysis tools and systems are in an advanced phase both on the research and the commercial sides," more work remains in the form of finding solutions to a number of design challenges, including on the data mining side of algorithms.

Laboratory Information Systems Project Management: A Guidebook for International Implementations

While not a laboratory informatics course in itself, this APHL guidebook certainly contains a full class-worth of material. Developed over several years with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this guide collects comprehensive information from informaticians and laboratorians in multiple countries in regards to the implementation and project management of laboratory information systems (LIS) in the public health setting.
 Featured Books

Web Application Security: A Comprehensive Overview

 Featured Discussions

02/26/2019 - Expo's, Webinars and Seminars in Europe

02/26/2019 - Business Capability Models - LIMS Systems

02/18/2019 - LIMS Implementation Team and Timeline

02/11/2019 - New in LIMS


Tips for Maintaining Laboratory Data Security

Introducing Biotech Laboratory Informatics as a Service (LIaaS)


02/27/2019 - Latest Version Of Matrix Gemini LIMS Continued commitment to improving laboratory management and quality

02/27/2019 - HFSA Partners With XpertDox To Launch XpertTrial, A Clinical Trial Recruitment Platform, To Accelerate Medical Research

02/27/2019 - XIFIN Supports Diagnostic Provider Patient and Physician Engagement Objectives with New RCM and LIS Capabilities

02/27/2019 - Autoscribe Informatics Appoints New LIMS Distributor in India

 Upcoming Trade Events

03/14/2019 - Laborama 2019

03/17/2019 - Pittcon

03/25/2019 - Informatics Summit 2019

04/02/2019 - INTERPHEX 2019

04/08/2019 - Cannabis Science Conference 2019 East

04/09/2019 - Paperless Lab Academy 2019

05/19/2019 - International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics 2019

06/03/2019 - APHL 2019

06/11/2019 - HIMSS Europe 2019

 Bid Opportunities

03/05/2019 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Services for the Maryland Racing Commission

03/07/2019 - Invitation to Bid: Supply, installation, configuration, testing, training and commissioning of Laboratory Information Management System

03/14/2019 - Request for Proposal: CTN Data, Statistics, and Clinical Trial Support Center (DSC5)

03/18/2019 - Request for Tender: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for Natural Resources Wales

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