June 20, 2024
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 22, Issue 25


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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics - 2024 Edition

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From Aerospace to Automotive: LIMS as the Backbone of Advanced Materials Innovation

Advanced materials are revolutionizing industries from aerospace to healthcare, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. But the development of these cutting-edge materials requires meticulous data management, streamlined workflows, and unwavering quality control. This is where Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) step in, acting as the backbone of advanced materials innovation. [Read More]

FDA Continues to Highlight Data Integrity as a QC Lab Issue

FDA warning letters issued between January and May 2024 continue to highlight the issue of ensuring data integrity within laboratories.  Managing laboratory data in a way that demonstrates it is not altered, or manipulated, remains a keen concern, especially with electronic records, files, and databases. Many instruments include an audit trail within their own database that captures changes to the data but how do you ensure that a ‘super-admin’ cannot go in the backend and manipulate that data. [Read More]

The Importance of LIMS Security in Lab Data Management

Data security is a major challenge in modern laboratories. From patient health records to research findings, labs handle sensitive information on a daily basis. As a result, any kind of unauthorized access, data breach or cyber-attacks can  lead to significant problems that affect the operational, financial and legal aspects of the organization. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can help strengthen a laboratory’s data security initiatives. [Read More]

A Guide to Lab Technology in the Modern Era

R&D is a labyrinthine road that journeys into the unknown, toward the promise of discoveries that could potentially revolutionize our world. However, innovation in the modern age requires engaging with a wide array of scientific techniques and the ability to try and fail until a scientific breakthrough is made. Early-stage R&D teams need modern technology to help them ideate, collaborate, and maximize the value of their data. [Read More]

How more testing labs than just food safety can reduce risk by adopting HACCP principles and risk-based thinking

Every business must minimize risk. In the laboratory testing world, risk management is of particular importance to the daily processes and operations of food & beverage safety labs. In this guest blog, Matt Sica of Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. breaks down for us how FDA HACCP principles, combined with risk-based thinking from the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, create a powerful toolset, one laboratories in other disciplines can also use to better mitigate risk. [Read More]

LabWare Templates, More Than an Out-of-the-Box Solution

LabWare LIMS™, out of the box (OOTB), leverages the power of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and the knowledge within your lab, as well as your users. An essential part of LabWare LIMS is its templates. Don’t succumb to using default template solutions from your initial LabWare implementation when there are options to tweak... [Read More]

The Critical Role of LIMS Consulting: Why Experience Matters & How LabLynx Delivers Your Perfect LIMS Solution

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can revolutionize your lab, but its true potential is unlocked through strategic implementation and expert guidance. LabLynx's experienced LIMS consulting helps you navigate the complexities and create a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your unique lab environment and goals. [Read More]

TELCOR Exhibiting at ADLM 2024

 TELCOR Inc, the industry leader of healthcare software for point of care (POC) and laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, is exhibiting at the ADLM 2024 (formerly AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and the Clinical Lab Expo) Tuesday, July 30 through Thursday, August 1. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

06/17/2024 - FAIR and interactive data graphics from a scientific knowledge graph

In this 2022 paper published in the journal Scientific Data, Deagen et al. present their approach to "web-based, interactive data graphics synchronized to a knowledge graph" in order to make materials science research objects more FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable). After a brief introduction, the authors discuss their methodology and results towards representing charts as metadata, tapping into SPARQL, Vega-Lite, and knowledge graph databases. They also address how their method touches upon multiple aspects of the FAIR data principles. They conclude that "altogether, this pairing of SPARQL and Vega-Lite—demonstrated here in the domain of polymer nanocomposite materials science—offers an extensible approach to FAIR ... scientific data visualization within a knowledge graph framework," adding that "defining charts as metadata in a knowledge graph captures semantic context and visual context while providing interactive, human-interpretable documentation of the contents of a knowledge graph."

 Upcoming Webinars

08/15/2024 - Using LIMS to Optimize Analytical Batching

06/26/2024 - Blind Betting Is Not a Strategy for Selecting a Lab Informatics System – Invest in an Assessment

06/26/2024 - Astrix Webinar – From R&D to Manufacturing: Leveraging ELNs for Bioprocessing Success

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