May 9, 2024
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 22, Issue 19


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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics - 2024 Edition

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Are You Happy with Your LIMS?

In today’s fast-paced scientific landscape, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory operations. From biotech companies to environmental agencies, the use of a LIMS can significantly influence the workflow and overall productivity of a laboratory. However, as with any technology, the satisfaction levels can vary significantly among users. Are you truly happy with your current LIMS? This article explores various facets of LIMS satisfaction, helping you evaluate your system against industry benchmarks and personal expectations. [Read More]

Strategies for Harnessing AI-Ready Chemical Data in Drug Discovery

In drug discovery, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies have significantly changed the way researchers analyze and interpret chemical data. From molecular modeling to predicting drug responses, AI-driven approaches offer opportunities to expedite the drug development process. To unlock the full potential of AI in drug discovery, however, it is imperative to lay a strong foundation with properly structured and high-quality chemical data. In this blog, we explore key strategies for preparing AI-ready chemical data and maximizing its utility in drug discovery endeavors. [Read More]

Sapio Sciences Unveils Enhanced Molecular Biology Toolkit

Sapio ELN release 24.5 features multiple improvements, including enhanced CRISPR design with multiple sequence alignment and integration with small molecule research. [Read More]

Advancing Quality Control Testing in Therapeutic Biologics

Quality control (QC) testing is paramount in ensuring the efficacy and safety of therapeutic biologics. These complex molecules, derived from living organisms, require stringent testing to meet regulatory standards and ensure patient safety. While state-of-the-art molecular methods have been established, many laboratories still rely heavily on animal testing, using protocols developed in the 1970s. In November 2023, the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) announced the adoption of guidelines encouraging the biopharmaceutical industry to adopt new standards in biologics QC, including next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based assays. [Read More]

Unlocking the Power of AWS for LIMS

Cloud computing has transformed the way organisations and laboratories manage their data, providing online access and storage that eliminates the need for local computer storage, especially recently. This innovation has been particularly beneficial for laboratories, offering a securescalable and cost-effective solution for managing laboratory data. Let’s dive into AWS for LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) together. [Read More]

Frequently Asked Questions About the Labstep ELN

Last year, STARLIMS revealed momentous news in our 36+ year history. We announced the strategic acquisition of Labstep—and their cutting-edge Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)—to expand our solution portfolio. Read below for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions about the acquisition and what it means for STARLIMS—and your—future.  [Read More]

Navigating the Complexities of Informed Consent Writing: Tips and Strategies for Clinical Researchers

Clinical research involving human subjects is crucial for the development of new treatments, drugs, and therapies, but it must be conducted in an ethical manner that protects the rights and well-being of the participants. Informed consent is the cornerstone of ethical research, requiring that participants or donors are provided with sufficient information about the study to make an informed decision about whether to participate or not. [Read More]

What is the importance of a clinical diagnostics laboratory to society?

Clinical diagnostic labs ensure accurate and timely diagnostic information, aiding tailored treatments. During outbreaks, they swiftly identify pathogens, aiding containment and vaccination strategies. In research, they drive innovations in diagnostics and therapeutics, advancing personalized medicine. Additionally, they offer preventive health screenings, empowering proactive well-being management, from cholesterol to cancer screenings, promoting a healthier society. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

05/07/2024 - Comprehensive improvements in the emergency laboratory test process based on information technology

Can the thoughtful application and optimization of laboratory informatics solutions lead to do a variety of improvements in a hospital-based emergency medicine laboratory? Zhang et al. sought to answer this question in a a contemporary tertiary second-class general hospital in China. After analyzing their emergency laboratory workflows, identifying problems withing those workflows, and identifying other areas of optimization, the authors applied a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to their operations, upgraded instrumentation, and finessed other aspects of their IT infrastructure. After discussing their results, the authors concluded that "the automation and standardization of most stages in emergency laboratory testing can be realized by IT, which reduces the workload of employees and improves emergency laboratory test quality," further noting that "emergency laboratory test report time can be shortened, emergency laboratory test quality can be enhanced, and employee and patient satisfaction can also be improved."

 Upcoming Webinars

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06/12/2024 - Astrix Webinar – Data driven content – FHIR and the future of Regulatory Submissions

05/22/2024 - Beyond the Dashboards for Data Analytics

05/22/2024 - Astrix Webinar – Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Lab: how to be SLIM with an advanced, AI and cloud-based LIMS.

05/15/2024 - Astrix Webinar – Beyond Audit Logs: A New Approach To Making Lab Data Traceability Easy

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