October 16, 2019
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 17, Issue 42


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 Upcoming Webinars

10/17/2019 - Webinar: Analytical and Clinical Validation Requirements for Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory-Developed Tests

10/22/2019 - Webinar: Setting Up a Cannabis Lab

10/23/2019 - CSols, Inc. Webinar: Change Management – Maximizing Return on Investment

 Featured Books

LIMSpec 2019-r1 Edition

The Complete Guide to LIMS & Laboratory Informatics

 Journal Articles

Data sharing at scale: A heuristic for affirming data cultures

The concept of data sharing and open science have been touted more over the past decade, often in the face of claims of lack of reproducibility and the need for more collaboration across scientific disciplines. At times researchers will point to a specific "culture" evident in their organization that helps or hinder the move towards data sharing. But the concept of aligning data cultures—particularly through the lens of identifying and solving the inherent differences between disciplines—isn't the way to look at data sharing, argue Poirier and Costelloe-Kuehn. Instead, we must " showcase and affirm the diversity of traditions and modes of analysis that have shaped how data gets collected, organized, and interpreted in diverse settings," they say. In this essay, the authors present their heuristic (a problem solving and self-discovery method) for sharing data at scale, from the meta level down to the nano level, giving researchers the tools to "affirm and respect the diversity of cultures that guide global and interdisciplinary research practice."

Big Data Fundamentals

This is a University of Adelaide course that is released on the edX platform. The ten-week course is designed to provide greater "understanding of the various applications of big data methods in industry and research." The course is free to take, with a Verified Certificate of completion available for $150. This course is also part of Adelaide's Big Data MicroMasters program. The course requires on average eight to ten hours a week of effort. Access to the class begins September 29, 2019.

Target Analysis S.A. is the new QLIMS distributor in Greece

Strategies for Surviving an FDA Audit

New QLIMS European Support Centre


10/16/2019 - Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp and Bio-Rad Form Partnership in the Field of Simultaneous IR and Raman Spectroscopy

10/16/2019 - UgenTec and Eurofins announce collaboration on artificial intelligence for high-throughput molecular testing

10/16/2019 - RESPEC Releases GeoSequel® 2.15 With LabTools

10/09/2019 - Accelerate your career in Life Science

 Upcoming Trade Events

10/22/2019 - LIMS-Forum 2019

10/30/2019 - Lab Innovations 2019

11/07/2019 - NGS & Clinical Diagnostics Congress 2019

11/18/2019 - 15th Lab Informatics Summit

 Bid Opportunities

10/17/2019 - REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR AN Environmental Data Management System

10/29/2019 - Invitation to Bid: Wastewater Laboratory Testing Services

10/31/2019 - Request for Proposal: Environmental Laboratory Services for the Stormwater Water Quality Program

12/31/2019 - Request for Quote: Concrete Materials and Laboratory Testing

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