LiMSforum is pleased to offer LiMShelp consulting to our laboratory members at no charge

LiMSforum publishes the LiMSpec to help your laboratory develop your LIMS requirements.  Today, LiMSforum now provides free LIMS consulting services to our laboratory members to help utilize the LiMSpec to capture all of the laboratory user requirements specifications (URS) and to develop a set of requirements that reflects the LIMS needs specific to your lab. To learn more about this offering, please click here.

LIMfinder and LIMSforum have merged

Back in February 2017, and announced that they would be merging. Today, that merger is complete. We have listened to our user community and are focusing on developments and new content to provide more educational material. Open Source applications in the cloud and Open Access Journal articles and courses and whole lot more. Please visit: to explore all of the many features and discussions and upcoming features. and are merging

The LabLynx, Inc. is pleased to announce that both and sites are merging together into one site.  The new site is will be  The Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc. will be continuing to run the site for about a month until the full transition is complete.  …