and are merging

The LabLynx, Inc. is pleased to announce that both and sites are merging together into one site.  The new site is will be  The Laboratory Informatics Institute, Inc. will be continuing to run the site for about a month until the full transition is complete.  The reason for the merger of the two sites is so that we avoid information overlap and that we provide a new, robust interface that is mobile friendly and responsive in its design and to provide a complete new set of features that are not available at

Features that are planned or are currently active are:

  1. Social Login for members (Sign-in with your Linkedin account)
  2. Discussions
  3. User owned and operated Special Interest Groups
  4. Open Source Cloud Apps
  5. Member created Books
  6. Peer Reviewed Journal Articles
  7. User Requirements Specifications Library (LiMSpec)
  8. Aggregated Knowledge bases (10’s of millions of articles)
  9. Library of aggregated scientific and research open data repositories
  10. Industry News
  11. Member Blogs
  12. Weekly Newsletter
  13. Trade Events
  14. Webinars
  15. Local Meetup Events
  16. On-Line Open Access Courses & Tutorials
  17. On-line directory of Educational Institutions for Laboratory, Scientific and Healthcare Informatics
  18. Free, unlimited Job postings by members and job searching for members
  19. Resume and Profile search engine
  20. Bid & Grant Opportunities
  21. Product & Services Buyer’s Guides
  22. Freelancer Marketplace
  23. Laboratory and Medical Equipment & Supplies Marketplace

These and many other resources are planned.  Our goal is to make the LiMSforum the premier Global Laboratory, Informatics, Medical and Scientific Professional Community that is open to everyone and is driven entirely by the interests of our members.

Membership is free and open to everyone who can login through their Linkedin account.  We chose Linkedin as the login authentication because all of our members have Linkedin accounts and it is our goal to extend the professional profile of our members on Linkedin with information that they share through LIMSforum so that each member is rewarded by the community for their individual contributions to the community.  The expanded member profile on LiMSforum will allow our members to share and get credit for their works and contributions and thus improve the overall stature of their professional profile.

We hope to have the merger of LiMSforum and LiMSfinder completed by the end of February 2017.  All information at LiMSfinder is currently being replicated to LiMSforum.