LiMSforum is pleased to offer LiMShelp consulting to our laboratory members at no charge

LiMSforum publishes the LiMSpec to help your laboratory develop your LIMS requirements.  Today, LiMSforum now provides free LIMS consulting services to our laboratory members to help utilize the LiMSpec to capture all of the laboratory user requirements specifications (URS) and to develop a set of requirements that reflects the LIMS needs specific to your lab.

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This service will save your lab time and cost in defining your requirements and arm you with the information you need to select the best LIMS for the job.  If you are planning on purchasing a LIMS, you will want to take advantage of this valuable service at no charge.  At LiMSforum, our mission is to make sure that our members are equipped with information and choices to make smart decisions that delivers successful results.  To get started, just contact us and we will do all the work for you in defining requirements.  The requirements are built entirely around your stated needs and objectives.  The requirements will not only reflect your technical needs but operational, business and financial requirements.  We know that a successful LIMS implementation has to take many things into account and your final LiMSpec will reflect all of those needs.  You select the LIMS you like best and you can do that knowing you have all the requirements that will help you assure success.