October 26, 2022
Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update

Volume 20, Issue 43


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LIMSjournal - Fall 2022

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10/25/2022 - Voice Command and Natural Language Processing’s Impact on a Digital Transformation of Life Sciences

Voice Command and Natural Language Processing is the computer’s understanding of spoken and written language. The ability of voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa to detect human speech, react to it, and carry out voice-based requests is made possible through a process called natural language processing (NLP). NLP is the technology that makes it possible for machines to comprehend and communicate with human speech, however it is not just used for voice interactions. [Read More]

10/25/2022 - How Supply Chain Issues Have Impacted Laboratories

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced every part of our personal and professional lives. Early in the pandemic, the number of laboratories able to perform COVID-19 testing was constrained in many locations due to staffing restrictions or a shortage of reagents. These problems still exist today, but as the pandemic continues to beleaguer the medical profession worldwide, supply chain problems have brought new difficulties that extend far beyond COVID-19 testing.[Read More]

10/25/2022 - How Logilab SDMS helps Laboratories to enable GLP Compliance - Part 1

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) is a quality system concerned with Laboratories’ organizational process and conditions under which non-clinical, health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, archived and reported. This White Paper covers how Logilab Scientific Management System (SDMS) helps Laboratories to adhere and follow the Principles of GLP as applied to Computerized Systems in laboratories. [Read More]

10/25/2022 - Optimizing LabWare LIMS Master Data Management (MDM)

Optimizing LabWare LIMS Master Data Management (MDM) Master Data is the foundation upon which most information systems are built and operated. It is the static data that is stored in the system and serves as the standard for business-critical information. The static (or master) data is the backbone of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) because it defines the Products, Analyses, Batches, Instrumentation, Users, and many other operationally essential data objects. Therefore, the processes surrounding Master Data implementation will usually dictate how well (or not) a LIMS is maintained over its operational lifetime. [Read More]

 Journal Articles

10/24/2022 - Implementing an institution-wide electronic laboratory notebook initiative

In this short article published in the Journal of the Medical Library Association, Foster, Whipple, and Rios describe their experiences and learnings from implementing an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) at the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM). Known as the largest medical school in the US, IUSM has seen adoption of its chosen LabArchives ELN solution grow since early implementation in September 2018. After providing extensive background on the nature of ELNs and what they represent, the authors present their use case at IUSM and discuss the results, as well as the limitations inherent to their findings, within the scope of supporting ELN implementation through its libraries. They conclude that their work with ELNs "demonstrates the integral role libraries can have in supporting, growing, and shaping the information and data management priorities to move research reproducibility forward."

 Featured Jobs

7 days ago - LabVantage Consultant

Confidential - remote, Remote remote

Role: LabVantage Consultant Location: RemoteDuration: Contract Job Description:  Participate in opportunities for improving Labvantage functionality and performance. Focuses on meeting customer expectations and working with a...

2 weeks ago - Scientist IV, Infrastructure Analytical Development

https://www.boehringer-ingelheim.us/ - North Brunswick, NJ, New Jersey 08902

The basic purpose for the role of the Scientist IV is to work within a team in Analytical Development to support global innovation and product...

 Upcoming Webinars

11/16/2022 - Astrix Webinar Optimize Lab Efficiency Using LabWare LIMS KPI Dashboards

11/10/2022 - Astrix Webinar: Decentralized Clinical Trials – Adoption, Trends, and Measuring Impact

11/02/2022 - CSols Summit 2022: Exploring the Future of Lab Data Across Your Organization

10/27/2022 - The Astrix Innovators Forum - Astrix Webcast: How to Manage Logbooks Electronically – from Paper to Cloud

10/26/2022 - Understanding the Foundational Needs to Support AI/ML

 Bid Opportunities

12/31/2023 - Request for Information: Laboratory Information Management System for Laboratory eTools Repository

12/01/2022 - Request for Responses: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

11/18/2022 - Request for Proposal: Latent Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services

11/14/2022 - Request for Qualifications - Consultant for Assessment and Implementation of Laboratory Information Systems

11/07/2022 - Request for Proposals: Public Health Level Seven (HL7) Data Transfer, Logging and Monitoring Services

10/31/2022 - Expressions of Interest: Supply of a Laboratory Information Management System in Lao PDR for a Four-site Pilot Project

10/31/2022 - Request for Proposals: Laboratory Information Management System for the Maryland Department of State Police

10/31/2022 - Request for Proposals: Environmental Laboratory Information Management System

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