September 29, 2009      
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 Volume 7, Issue 38


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Interfacing SQL*LIMS v5 to a Global ERP

By Jeff Vannest, Senior Consultant

Most of this year has been spent designing and writing an interface between SQL*LIMS v5.1 and the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system being implemented by a global pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The goal was threefold: notify LIMS system administrators of changes made to materials, vendors, and manufactures; automatically create and update lots in the LIMS system; and send lot statuses and results from LIMS back to the ERP when testing was complete. This article will review the decision-making process used to plan and develop the interface.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is the largest LIMS of them all?

There are many types and sizes of laboratories, as we all well know. Let’s face it though, not many labs are very large, in fact, most have fewer than 25 people. So given this fact, does it really matter what the answer is to the question: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, what is the largest LIMS of them all?” Well…. you decide.

The LIMS home grown nightmare…

In today’s world, the idea of building your own LIMS is becoming a thing of the past. There are many good products to choose from; but in case you are thinking of having a LIMS built for your lab, consider this image… A home grown LIMS can sometimes be a pretty good representation of a very large bug.
 Upcoming Webcasts

10/21/2009 - How to Select the Right LIMS for your Business

Join us as we discuss: 5 Phases of the Evaluation and Selection Process for Laboratory Data Systems - a step by step guide to avoiding costly (Time, $, Capabilities) mistakes.

09/30/2009 - LIMS Webcast: Spotlight on Product Testing Laboratories

Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL) will host an informational webcast on September 30, 2009 on the topic of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). This webcast is entitled "Spotlight on Product Testing Laboratories". This event is ideal for lab operations or QA/QC managers working for manufacturing firms with product testing laboratories or commercial laboratories who provide product testing services. ***Register today!!
 Demonstrations & Presentations

LIMS for the Water, Wastewater Laboratory

The Ideal LIMS Solution for the Water, Wastewater Lab is a function of the right company, the right technology and the right features and functions for your needs. All supported by first class training, implementation and maintenance and support services. LABLynx is the Ideal Solution for your lab or enterprise, no matter how large or small, or how you choose to manage your own unique workflows, individual processes and data.

Enterprise Software for the Pharmaceutical Laboratory

The following presentation provides an overview of the Enterprise Software needs of the modern Pharmaceutical Laboratory. Today’s challenge for the diversified pharmaceutical laboratory is to find a comprehensive enterprise software solution that provides not only LIMS functionality but an Electronic Laboratory Notebook, Enterprise Content Management and a wide variety of functions for personnel management, asset management, instrument interfacing and much more, all within the context of being validated and fully compliant with 21 CFR part 11.
 Bid / RFP / RFI Opportunities

09/28/2009 - Request for Proposals for Partnership to Collaborate on a Laboratory Information Management System

Clean Water Services – Water Resource Management Utility, Tualatin River Watershed, Oregon

09/21/2009 - Request for Proposals - Laboratory Information System (LIS)

The University of Georgia (UGA) is issuing this Request for Proposals ("RFP") to procure a Laboratory Information System (LIS) which will replace the UGA Health's Center existing and aging LIS.
 Recent News

09/28/2009 - Managed Services Customer Complaint Management System Available

Autoscribe’s Customer Complaint Management System is now available as a hosted / managed web service environment for global deployment.

09/27/2009 - is pleased to offer hosted (SaaS based) Clinical Trial Software

LabLynx, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of OpenClinica as part of our growing suite of, SaaS solutions. OpenClinica is clinical trials software for electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM). Because OpenClinica is Open Source, there is no per user license or subscription fees. Simply a low monthly, unlimited users hosting fee with the security and assurances of the webLIMS Cloud Computing, Data Center.

09/24/2009 - IDBS and Genentech Present State-of-the-Art Next Generation Electronic Lab Notebooks at the 8th Annual ELN and Advanced Lab Solutions Conference

IDBS, the leading worldwide provider of research data management and analytics solutions to R&D organizations, today announced that IDBS customer Dr. Martin Vanderlaan, Director, Analytical Operations at Genentech, will present "Implementing an Electronic Lab Notebook for a Large Bioprocess Organisation," at IQPC's ELN and Advanced Lab Solutions Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

09/24/2009 - Scantibodies Goes Live with Document & Training Management Solutions from Pilgrim Software

Pilgrim Software, Inc., a world-leading provider of Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management (ECQM) software solutions, today announced that Scantibodies Laboratory, a California-based medical device diagnostics company, has gone live with Pilgrim’s automated solutions for documentation and training management

09/23/2009 - Professional Analytical and Consulting Services (PACS) - Monthly Courses in Major Cities

Most PACS courses can be provided at your time and place. Most instructors provide consulting services. 2009 PACS Course Sites: Pittsburgh in October, Orlando in November, Puerto Rico in December. 2010 Course Sites: January in Las Vegas, February in Los Angeles, March in Orlando, April in San Antonio, May in Pittsburgh, June in Chicago, July in Boston, August in Toronto, September in Seattle, October in Pittsburgh, November in Orlando, December in Miami. On-site courses are available.

09/23/2009 - Consumer Goods Company Expands STARLIMS Licensing Agreement

STARLIMS Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of laboratory information management systems, or LIMS, today announced that a global consumer goods company headquartered in the United States is exercising its option to expand its STARLIMS licensing agreement.
 Upcoming Events

10/26/2009 - 5th Forum on Laboratory Informatics 2009

Extending Analytical Integration Knowledge from Chemistry to Biology. The current economies along with major M&As in the pharmaceutical industry require efficient collection, organization and consolidation of data more now than ever. This has only been intensified from new challenges in the interfacing, integration and validation of data and regulatory environment. The overwhelming amount of accumulated information requires proper management from the right systems. IQPC’s 5th Forum on Laboratory Informatics will address key areas, including: Data integration, interfacing and validation, LIMS & ELN implementation, and Future trends of ELN development.

10/26/2009 - 8th Polymorphism & Crystallization Scientific Forum

Optimizing Efficiencies in Polymorphism & Crystallization to Improve Solubility, Increase Bioavailability & Speed Drug Development of Patentable Solids. IQPC’s 8th Polymorphism & Crystallization Scientific Forum is aimed at helping companies to lower costs, increase efficiency and cover a broad range of successful technical case studies on crystal nucleation and polymorphism – a major issue and area of drug development for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

10/26/2009 - 5th Forum on Laboratory Informatics 2009

The 5th Forum on Laboratory Informatics will bring together informatics professionals to discuss case studies and best practices in overcoming data management challenges with storage, organization, consolidation and integration. Key topics to be addressed include: ELN deployment & LIMS system integration, legal & regulatory compliance strategies and emerging technologies & their impact on the lab informatics.


The American Association for Clinical Chemistry announces the third in its series of Laboratory Automation conferences to be held in Asia. This conference, being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 22-23, will address Laboratory Automation: Integrating Quality with Efficiency.

10/15/2009 - LIMS Seminar Tour Coming to Houston, TX!

On October 15, 2009, Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc. (ATL) and Microsoft invite you to a free, educational seminar on the growing importance of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet others in your industry and learn how to achieve measurable improvements via LIMS for your laboratory operation! ***Register today!!!
 Job Postings

5/31/2009 - Aggregated List of LIMS Jobs

The following is a real-time aggregated list of LIMS jobs pulled from job sites all over the Internet. The list is kept up to date in nearly real time.

05/31/2009 - LIMS / LIS & Laboratory Careers is pleased to announce an improved job board that combines both LIMS and Laboratory Career opportunities. The service is free for our member sponsors and all job seekers. The new job board offers a job search feature and allows for posting of Featured Jobs for less than $1 per day. Candidates can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter that highlights all of the Featured and Sponsored job openings.
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