May 23, 2024 - 12:00 PM

Webinar: Value of Lab Medicine: Impactful Best Practices to Improve Patient Diagnosis and Reduce Healthcare Costs

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Event Organizer: Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine

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“Technological and scientific advancements have led to new and better methods for identifying and diagnosing medical conditions, while simultaneously streamlining the delivery of patient care and improving outcomes. In this webinar, we spotlight two exceptional teams that overcame healthcare system challenges to embrace transformative technologies and implement novel approaches that significantly impacted patient care and outcomes.

Our expert speakers will focus on these transformative care initiatives from their respective cross-disciplinary healthcare teams. In the first example, Dr. Ian Cormack of the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust will describe how they implemented opt-out HIV testing to improve identification of patients needing access to treatment options. Then Dr. Ellie Dow of the Ninewells Hospital and Medical School will share their success of using intelligent liver function testing (iLFT) to automate diagnosis and staging of liver disease. Both examples illustrate how best practices in the laboratory can reduce mortality and improve the quality of life for patients, while reducing overall healthcare costs – key objectives to demonstrate the value of laboratory medicine.

Join our experts to learn how they identified, refined, and implemented scientific advances within their institutions and included other practitioners. Hear how they overcame challenges in defining and measuring clinical outcomes associated with their novel approaches, and successfully helped others to replicate these best practices in other healthcare settings.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust and Ninewells Hospital and Medical School are past winners of the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence award program, which was created by Abbott and is carried out in partnership with leading healthcare organizations including ADLM (formerly AACC).”

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