May 30, 2024 - 1:00 PM

Webinar: Novel Tools to Detect Pre-Analytical Errors and Improve Specimen Quality: The Impact of Accurate Laboratory Results on Patient Care

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Event Organizer: Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine

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“Accurate laboratory results are crucial to effective patient care, yet errors can arise that are impactful, costly, and far too common. Preanalytical errors make up the majority of diagnostic testing, accounting for ~43–75% of all laboratory errors in published studies. Despite this, there are limited tools available to laboratorians to capture and prevent preanalytical error.

In this webinar, Dr. Christopher Farnsworth will introduce studies from his own hospital and other institutions in which novel tools for detecting preanalytical error have been implemented. Further, Dr. Farnsworth will assess how these tools have been applied collaboratively with nursing and others within the hospital to improve laboratory results and patient outcomes.”

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