May 31, 2024 - 9:00 AM

Solicitation of Interest: Oracle/Cerner Laboratory Information System–Ongoing Maintenance, Services and Licenses

Bid Opportunities - Informatics

Event Organizer: SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

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Solicitation #: 2109868 SOI – LAB – LIS

“SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University (“SUNY-DHSU”) hereby seeks letters of interest in providing ongoing maintenance, support, licenses, professional services, upgrades, etc for its Cerner Laboratory Information System –CoPath, Pathnet and Bridge, etc. for SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University (“SUNY-DHSU”). All requirements are listed in the Excel document attached to this advertisement. Services and items listed would be provided for a term of at least five (5) years.

Vendors who are interested and can provide ALL items listed in the attached Excel document must submit, prior to the due date listed in the advertisement, a completed Excel grid (attached grid) which includes a Yes/No confirmation that service/item can be provided as well as any necessary description(s). Reminder, potential vendors must be able to provide ALL items as listed. Additionally, interested vendor must submit a letter of interest on your company letterhead, signed, with a description of your company/firm, as well as an overview of how you will be able to provide the listed items/services.