Title: Python for Data Science

Author for citation: Leo Porter and Ilkay Altintas

License for content: Unknown

Publication date: 2023

This is a UC San Diego course that is released on the edX platform. The 10-week course "that will introduce you to a collection of powerful, open-source, tools needed to analyze data and to conduct data science." The course is free to take, with a Verified Certificate of completion available for $350. (Note that the free Audit track expires March 20, 2023.) The course requires on average eight to 10 hours a week of effort.

The edX course description:

"In the information age, data is all around us. Within this data are answers to compelling questions across many societal domains (politics, business, science, etc.). But if you had access to a large dataset, would you be able to find the answers you seek?"

"Specifically, you'll learn how to use:

  • Python
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • pandas
  • numpy
  • matplotlib
  • git
  • and many other tools.

You will learn these tools all within the context of solving compelling data science problems.

After completing this course, you'll be able to find answers within large datasets by using python tools to import data, explore it, analyze it, learn from it, visualize it, and ultimately generate easily sharable reports. By learning these skills, you'll also become a member of a world-wide community which seeks to build data science tools, explore public datasets, and discuss evidence-based findings."

NOTE: This course is part of an overall Data Science MicroMasters program offered by UC San Diego.

About the authors

The instructors for this course are Leo Porter and Ilkay Altintas. See each professor's profile for full details.

General layout and contents of the course

No syllabus is publicly provided. The EdX page notes:

"What you'll learn:

  • Basic process of data science
  • Python and Jupyter notebooks
  • An applied understanding of how to manipulate and analyze uncurated datasets
  • Basic statistical analysis and machine learning methods
  • How to effectively visualize results"

The course

PDF.png: The course can be found on the edX site, under the Data Analysis & Statistics category. Access to the class began January 2023 and ends March 24, with the free audit track closing March 20. Another session will begin on April 4.