"Pharmacogenomics (PGx) delves into how genetic factors, whether inherited or acquired, influence individuals' responses to drugs. As a swiftly evolving branch of laboratory medicine, clinical PGx testing holds the potential to significantly impact the well-being of patients taking medications. In this webinar, Dr. Yuan Ji, section chief of Molecular Genomics and Genomics, will provide insights into the latest advancements in technologies, professional guidelines, and regulatory frameworks drivi ... Read More

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"There are a lot of threats to the safety and well-being of laboratories. Planning for a crisis is critical in protecting your lab, your people, and yourself in the event of a crisis in the laboratory. If a crisis were to occur tomorrow, would your lab be prepared? This webinar will focus on why planning for a crisis in the lab is critical and why advanced planning for a crisis is essential. Many events can cause lab crises, including weather-related events, user error, fires, floods, acciden ... Read More

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Solicitation #: 2405006 "Davidson County is seeking a qualified firm to provide engineering materials testing during construction phase services to provide public sewer to the Silver Valley area off of Clarksbury Church Road to Hwy 109 and Liberty Church Road in Thomasville, North Carolina to force main to the Thomasville Wastewater Plant. Additionally, part of this includes extending sewer service to a public school at New Bowers Road, which has an existing pump station. The purpose of th ... Read More

Solicitation #: HHS-NIH-NIAID-SBSS-75N93024R00017 "The main goal of this solicitation is to continue support of the Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource (IEDB), which provides the research community an easy resource for searching experimental data characterizing antibody and T-cell epitopes studied in humans, non-human primates, and other animal species, involved in infectious disease, allergy, autoimmunity, and transplant, and tools to assist in the prediction and analysis of B-cell ... Read More

Solicitation #: 140G0324Q0164 "The US Geological Survey California Water Science Center requires chemical analytical laboratory services for the analysis of lithium (total, 7Li 6Li), boron (total, 10B, 11B), strontium (total, 86Sr, 87Sr) (hereinafter referred to as the “constituents”), in produced water samples, which may contain up to ~50% oil and TDS up to 70,000 mg/L, and quality control samples through the year 2029. The laboratory analysis of produced-water samples is essential to ge ... Read More

An annual conference on imaging informatics and technology NOTE: As of October 2023, venue not announced, but held in National Harbor, Maryland. ... Read More

Solicitation #: HHS0014679 "The Regional Clinical Laboratory at Austin State Hospital (RCLA) is seeking a contract for patient reference laboratory services as needed by the RCLA. These services are utilized by patients served by the RCLA residing at state hospitals and state supported living centers throughout the State of Texas." Due date: 02 July 2024, 10:30 a.m. CDT ... Read More

Solicitation #: EVT0009765 "The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), in a cooperative effort with the Equus Beds Groundwater Management District 2 (GMD2), is seeking competitive proposals from qualified vendors to perform water quality analysis on groundwater samples from approximately 180 wells Harvey, Reno and McPherson Counties, Kansas." Due date: 08 July 2024, 2:00 p.m. CDT ... Read More

Solicitation #: 2000015702 "The Minnesota Department of Information Technology Services ('MNIT'), partnering with the Minnesota Department of Health ('MDH'), Public Health Laboratory (PHL), Infectious Disease Laboratory (IDL) section, seeks a new packaged software Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution that will meet the current and future needs of the IDL section. The scope of this procurement includes both the provision of the software and the performance of implementation ... Read More

Solicitation #: S24DOSH015 "This RFP is to solicit competitive proposals from experienced and qualified laboratories to provide laboratory technical and analytical support services for the Industrial Hygiene and Safety Program within the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). DOSH is seeking one full service laboratory accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Laboratory Accreditation Program to analyze samples coll ... Read More

Solicitation #: 2111024 "SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University (“SUNY-DHSU”) hereby seeks letters of interest in providing ongoing maintenance, support, licenses, professional services, upgrades, etc for its Cerner Laboratory Information System --CoPath, Pathnet and Bridge, etc. for SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University ('SUNY-DHSU'). All requirements are listed in the Excel document attached to this advertisement. Services and items listed would be provided for a term of at le ... Read More