July 16, 2024 - 1:00 PM

Webinar: Shielding Patient Care: Strategies For Managing The Clinical Impacts Of Cybersecurity Incidents


Event Organizer: Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

Event Website: https://siim.org/webinar/shielding-patient-care-strategies-for-managing-the-clinical-impacts-of-cybersecurity-incidents/

Event Overview:

“In today’s digitally interconnected healthcare landscape, the threat of cybersecurity breaches looms large, posing significant challenges to patient care, data integrity, and healthcare operations. Join us for a webinar as we delve into the clinical impact of cybersecurity events on patient care. Led by Dr. Christian Dameff, Co-Director of the UC San Diego Center for Healthcare Cybersecurity, this webinar will offer invaluable insights into the clinical impact of a cybersecurity event, as well as a panel discussion on how imaging informaticists prepare and recover from such an event.

Through real-world case studies and expert analysis, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted consequences that cybersecurity breaches can inflict on patient care and organizational resilience while learning strategies and best practices to help mitigate the impacts of these events.”

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