QLIMS Introduces Exciting Package Updates

In today’s dynamic laboratory landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for providing exceptional services to customers. At OnQ Software, we are excited to announce updates to our QLIMS packages that are designed to empower laboratories with enhanced capabilities and flexibility.

With the inclusion of the Lab Execution System (LES) module in QLIMS Professional and role-based configuration management in QLIMS Starter, we are taking another step towards enabling laboratories to streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency. In this blog post, we will dive into the key features of these updates and how they can benefit your laboratory.

The Laboratory Execution System (LES) module is pragmatic, user-friendly, and efficient, and enhances QLIMS Professional, guiding laboratory technicians through each step of a method to ensure correct and accurate SOP execution. With the LES module’s seamless integration, laboratories can streamline their operations, improve data integrity, and enhance overall performance.

In addition to the LES module, QLIMS Starter now includes role-based configuration management. This exciting update offers greater flexibility for labs, allowing them to tailor QLIMS Starter to their specific workflows and user roles. By customising user roles, permissions, and access levels, labs can optimise efficiency and ensure compliance with industry standards.

By further enabling the paperless, digital laboratory, the QLIMS platform continues to empower laboratories with enhanced integration, configuration, and automation. Experience streamlined lab workflows, improved data integrity, and the ability to deliver better services through OnQ Software updates. Stay ahead of the competition and drive excellence in your lab operations with QLIMS.

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