July 24, 2024 - 2:00 PM

Making Better Decisions by Enhancing your LabWare Templates


Event Organizer: CSols Inc.

Event Website: https://www.csolsinc.com/insights/webinars/making-better-decisions-by-enhancing-your-labware-templates/

Event Overview:

Color or Colour—spelling differences are not uncommon across organizations, but they can be a huge data processing consistency issue. And just imagine if there are typos in your 20k rows of data. Everyone has data management concerns. Lab Admins might want to reduce the number of clicks for repetitive tasks. Your System Admin might need reassurance that the users will have limited data entry options and views of the data that can be adjusted dynamically. Ideally, you’d remove the potential for issues before they happen. It is possible, and templates are the way to go.


In this webinar, learn how LabWare templates can support decision-making and regulate data entry and reporting within the department or organization. LabWare Templates allow for more diverse and tailored experiences and can amplify your system functionality for all users. Let a CSols expert show you how to most effectively use LabWare templates.

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