An CDS vendor is an entity (business, company, corporation, etc.) which provides chromatography data system (CDS; or chromatography data management system or CDMS) software or software packages. The CDS software may be broadly generalized to handle a great number of laboratory situations dealing with chromatography, or it may be very specific to handle the needs of a specific type of sample analysis.

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Key CDS vendors

The criterion for a "key" vendor selling proprietary commercial CDS software: the vendor's LIMSwiki page must have a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; vendors ordered by number of demonstration videos.

Vendor Key CDS offering(s) Headquarters
Key information Additional notes
Waters Corporation Empower 3 United States Pricing and demonstration videos

All active CDS vendors

Vendor Key CDS offering(s) Headquarters
Key information Additional notes
Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. ACD/AutoChrom, ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook,
ACD/Method Selection Suite, ACD/MS Workbook Suite,
ACD/Spectrus Processor
United States Demonstration videos
Agilent Technologies, Inc. OpenLAB CDS United States Demonstration videos
Vendor:Bruker Corporation BioPharma Compass, Compass HyStar United States
DataApex, spol. sro Clarity Czech Republic Demonstration videos
H&A Scientific, Inc. PC/Chrom United States Screenshots
Jasco, Inc. ChromNAV United States Demonstration videos
Justice Laboratory Software, Inc. Chromperfect Seven, Chromperfect SL United States Demonstration videos
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH ClarityChrom, PurityChrom Bio United States Demonstration videos Also a distributor of Agilent's OpenLab
LabLogic Systems Limited Laura 4 United Kingdom
Open-source software solution OpenChrom N/A Demonstration videos More information found on the project website.
PerkinElmer Inc. Clarity, SimplicityChrom United States Seemingly discontinued Chromera in 2019, replaced with Clarity.
Unclear if PerkinElmer is distributing DataApex's Clarity CDS.
PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH WinGPC UniChrom Germany
Schlumberger Limited Malcom United States
SCION Instruments NL BV CompassCDS The Netherlands Demonstration videos
Shimadzu Corporation LabSolutions Japan Demonstration videos
Thermo Fisher Scientific Atlas CDS, Chromeleon, ChromQuest United States
Waters Corporation Empower 3 United States Pricing and demonstration videos
YoungIn Chromass Co., Ltd. YL-Clarity South Korea Demonstration videos
Yullin Technologies Co., Ltd. MultiChro South Korea

Inactive CDS vendors

Please see the inactive vendor page for inactive CDS vendors.